There has been a ton of talk about MGTOW within Men’s Rights circles recently.  I think I should weigh in on this.  Most the issue at hand is what exactly IS MGTOW.  The acronym is simple enough Men Going Their Own Way.  But what does “going their own way” really mean?

Paul Elam just made a video and is working on getting a book published that are his views on the subject.  Simply put he is wrong.


His primary argument is that the very existence of a litmus test is counter to the idea of MGTOW.  That I as one Man Going My Own Way can not define what the path should be for other men going different ways.  The problem with his argument is that he then proposes his own litmus test for MGTOW, counter to the argument he just made.  While the more exclusionary MGTOW want the litmus test of “A rejection of outdated male obligations typified and exemplify by the institution of marriage”  Paul argues for the litmus test of “A rejection of outdated male obligations typified and exemplified by the unthinking acceptance of these obligations by white knights and purple poodles”

He does this because with out some litmus test the very concept of MGTOW is meaningless because it is absolutely all inclusive of everyone every where at all times and situations.  With out some litmus test all the blue pillers, the White Knights, the Purple Poodles, the Feminist male and female are all MGTOW.

Really all Paul is arguing for is a slightly less restrictive litmus test for MGTOW so that he can claim the label himself and use it.

I really like this take on the whole debate, it frames MGTOW not as a movement or philosophy, but as a descriptor.  You can’t call people standing inside of a burning building, people that ran out of a burning building.

Lastly my opinion on the topic.  Yes a litmus test is needed.  If we don’t have a litmus test then MGTOW and Men’s Rights Activism by extension will have the same problem as Feminism and their functional definition of feminism being “Anything and everything and all things and nothing and that thing and puppy dogs and unicorns”

There is a “correct way to be MGTOW”.  This is not defining what you are moving towards, but what one who is MGTOW is moving AWAY FROM.  It doesn’t matter what path you take what your hobbies or life looks like so long as it is far away from/ moving away from the traditional male role of disposable utility object and the institutions like marriage that support it.

If you are married, then you are not keeping yourself far away from institutions of male disposability.  If you have a long term live in girl friend, then you are not keeping yourself far away from the institutions of male disposability.  Having sex is not an institution of male disposability, only progressing romance into a relationship.  It is the relationship dynamic that is an institution of male disposability, not the activity of sex.