Aron Clarey Made a video “Abusing MGTOW”.  It is a good video, but I think he’s a bit off base.

First let me start with agreements.  The three groups he describes are real, all three of them.  Many of us are veterans of the gender wars with the scars to prove it.  Many are “Boy Geniuses” that have very much done “monkey see, monkey not do”.  Many MGTOW are posers that hold the label as a shield for their personal failings.

Where we part ways is thoughts on what to do with the posers.  Kicking them out of the MGTOW club and calling them posers is just a bad idea.  These are young men that have been handed a set of institutions and customs that are so far down the shitter that Aaron can’t understand the reality of what they face.  We need to recognize as vets and Geniuses that these young men need help, not another person stomping their face in.  These neophytes to MGTOW need support and guidance.  We need to invite them into MGTOW and teach them how to be whole and complete people with out bowing to the traditional norms of being defined by sexual conquests.

The neophytes are problematic for MGTOW.  They are filled with bile.  They don’t have the solid foundation of self needed to be a Genius.  They don’t have the clarity of thought needed to express the concepts well.  Blue Pill withdraw is killer, and I do mean killer with Tens of Thousands of men killing themselves every year because of how painful that withdraw can be.  Then the Red Pill is an exceptionally bitter pill to take, and that bile needs to go somewhere.

The neophytes to MGTOW need to be taught, taught by someone that knows, how to be a complete person with out that center on sex and relationships.  They need to be taught how to separate out the institutions from the people affected by the institutions.  They need to have some hand holding to walk them through the differences between the institution of Marriage and Women.  They need a patient mentor to talk out the differences between cultural expectations of relationships and Women.

We need to do this because expecting them to learn how to treat women from being accused of morning after regret rape and spending a decade or two in the rape cage we call prisons is simply fucked.  We need to be helping them through withdraw, not throwing them to the dogs.

Lastly NAWALT.  NAWALT, Not All Women Are Like That.  It’s True, in theory.  It is not true in practice.  Women are a diverse group of people, very diverse.  Women’s personalities and strength of character run the entire gambit of human possibilities.  Women are people.  This is where NAWALT falters, Women ARE people.  Women’s behaviors, while running the width and breath of all human characteristics, DO NOT fall out side the range of human characteristics.  The institutions, the laws, the customs, the expectations and exceptions are so very stacked to favor women that you would need to find a woman more kind caring and self sacrificing than Mother Teressa for her innate human pursuit of incentives to not make her “Like That”.  While NAWALT is fine in theory, in practice western society has so stacked the deck that NAWALT isn’t 1 in 100, but more like 1 in 5,000,000,000.  That is there may possibly exist ONE in the entirety of the western world. That Invisible Pink Unicorn isn’t worth hunting.