David Futrelle has left another steaming pile on his blog.  This one is about a post on The Spearhead.  I personally don’t have time for The Spearhead, it’s the MRA equivalent of Jezebel.  Most of what gets posted is nonsense.  Sometimes, rarely, they post something worth while.  David found one such post and then decided to mindlessly attack rather than actually both to actually listen and hear what was being said.



So what did The Spearhead say that was so horribly anti-woman, you know the stuff that feminist actually for equality would agree with?


“Independence” is great

Well times are hard.  Harder than when 2nd wave feminism was around.  We are still recovering from the worst economic disaster since the great depression (and by some accounts worse than the great depression)  Women need to rely on the men in their lives much more than their mothers did.  The myth of every woman being an island into and of herself is crumbling.  You can’t do it on your own.  “Independence” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” attitude that is in fact very feminist just simply doesn’t work very well today.

Really women should have relationships with M E N…..should be connected to and interdependent on M E N.  The human species thrives when men and women work TOGETHER.  Nothing could be more hateful than this, well according to feminists like Manboobz (David Futrelle) it is.  What message could be less feminist that “Strong relationships between equals”

In the face of dramatic levels of equality in the workplace, with wives and Homemakergirlfriends earning more than the husbands and boyfriends what does The Spearhead advocate?  They are a bit long winded in saying that men make great homemakers.  That men are and should be allowed to break out of outdated gender roles.  This is just the most anti-feminist thing ever.  What feminist has ever advocated for getting rid of outdated and regressive gender roles.

So what other horribly evil and sexist things are said in the post by Spearhead?  Well when times are tough, there are less resources to go around.  This is kind of the definition of tough times.  A good way to make the most out of resources is sharing burdens like rent and the power bill with other people.  Half the population is men, so there is a very large pool of men out there, many of whom are also struggling and would enjoy sharing the burden in a relationship with an equal.  This is so very anti-feminist that David should have devoted the entire post just to how horribly sexist and hateful treating women as equals is.

Warren Farrel wrote a book Women Can’t hear What Men don’t Say.  Well Men are starting to say, and women and feminists need to learn how to listen.