The story is that a single mother let her daughter play in the park while she was at work.  Since the child didn’t have adult supervision at the park she was declared “abandoned” by the police.  The mother was arrested for child abandonment and the child was places into protective custody.

I see two bits of advocacy that need to happen with this.  First criminalizing single motherhood is an atrocity.  The child was not abused or neglected.  She was not in any sort of unreasonable danger.  She was playing in a well populated park during the day.  The only difference between her and 3/4 of the kids at the park was her mother was making food for other people while most of the children mothers where cooking food for their families.  Children play unsupervised in parks all the time.  This is something I’ve seen Feminists talk about.  If I find any feminists posts on this I will make a list.

The second bit is men are not perpetrators.  The questions of safety where “What if a M A N came and took her?”  Are women not people?  Do women not scheme plot and plan just like men?  Do women not lust after money and sex just like men do?  It’s just sexist bigotry that the imagined threat to the girl was only people with penises.  Crime rates are down dramatically.  Children are safe playing at parks.  It’s the demonization of masculinity that is creating a culture of fear.  It is “Teach men not to rape” marches and rallies that is creating the impression that the threat is real.  If we didn’t view men as monsters than there would have been no perception of a threat.  This is one of the big issues for MRA.  If I find any MRA posts on this I will make a list.

Feel free to leave links in the comments for anyone else talking about this.