So this really happened.  A reporter for the metrotimes encountered an older man at the conference who completed the reporters arm and then engaged in some unwanted heavy petting.

So what does this say about the conference?  Nothing.  Conference organizers can do NOTHING to prevent this type of event from happening at the conference.  It is truly not feasible let alone reasonable to do background checks on all attendees.  Comic Conventions and Gaming events have these types of situations crop up as well.  The question isn’t if the organizers “allowed” this to happen.  The question isn’t if victimization happens at all.  The real question is how these situations are handled when they do occur.  On this question Paul Elam is doing a great job.  The person in question that behaved inappropriately was not defended by Elam.  The victim of this molestation was not insulted harassed or belittled by Elam.  Elam took the complaint seriously and reacted properly, expelling the individual from the conference.

In short if other conferences want to know how to handle complaints of harassment and molestation at their conferences, they should look to the International Conference on Men’s Issues and Paul Elam.

Note:While Paul Elam did sympathize with a fellow man that clearly needed help and was desperate for human contact, the action was not defended.  The molestation was not forgiven and swept under the rug.  The individual was expelled and bared from re-entering.