David Futrell has posted this on his blog and asked people to share it.  So I’m doing just that with commentary.  Lets look at these “Voices of Hatred”

Paul Elam says “It should be socially and legally acceptable to defend yourself from violent aggressors, even if they are female”  Really I guess nothing is more hateful than saying WOMEN ARE PEOPLE and should be held accountable for their actions (and that includes a good stomping if the situation calls for it)

Mike Buckman says “Bad parenting leads to spoiled children.  The way to correct this behavior is simply to not indulge whiny children”  Really I guess nothing more hateful than non-violent solutions to problems.

Stefan Moleux says “Women, by choosing bad partners, perpetuate the vicious cycle of abuse”  Again apparently nothing is more hateful than saying WOMEN ARE PEOPLE.  Women make choices, choices that matter, choices that have a huge affect on the next generation.  WOMEN ARE PEOPLE and we hold people accountable for their choices in life.

Erin Pizzy says “Women have rape fantasies”.  I guess that every study ever done by any credible researcher in any aspect of female sexuality all hate women because every single one of them makes this same claim.

Karen gives some anecdotal stories about her lived experience.  I fail to see how in any way shape or form this could even be misconstrued as hateful.  She is not making a judgment call on the cycle of abuse, only identifying that it exists.

Lastly Warren Farrel talks about dating from a male perspective.  The MALE perspective, that’s shameful hateful bigotry.  Men don’t have a perspective or feelings.  Only women do, therefore talking from the male perspective is objectifying women!!!!


Really none of this even comes close to the level of “Hatred” that Gloria Steinem expressed with her oft repeated quote “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.  It’s true, but so is the reverse.  A man needs a woman like a bicycle needs a fish.