So lets start with what is a Men’s Rights Advocate.  It is a person that advocates for the rights of men.  I think the name is rather self explanatory.  Policy Mic has published 36 photos showing how to do this correctly.  So lets look at what they think.

Not surprisingly 26 of the 36 ways to advocate for men’s rights isn’t to advocate for men’s rights but advocate for women.

Amusingly 5 of the ways to advocate for men and boys is to attack people advocating for men and boys.

Surprisingly they actually did have 5 examples of how to advocate for men that they think are good.  These deserve a deeper look

#4 “Because ‘Alpha Males’ lead by example, not force”

One of the big things MRAs are trying to do is redefine masculinity in a way that is functional in the 21st century.  Identifying a type of men ‘Alpha Males’ and a positive attribute ‘lead by example’ is a great attempt at this.  It’s not a “No True Scotsman” fallacy of “real men”.  Yes this is what Men’s Rights Looks like.

#6 “Because real strength is compassion not force”

Again with redefining thing to be functional in the 21st century.  Most men aspire to strength so a good function positive definition of strength for the 21st century is Men’s Rights Activism.  Yes this is what Men’s Rights Looks Like.

#14  “The US has the highest rate of Spousal Murder in the Developed world”

Yes, and the issue is 50/50 with as many wives murdering their husbands as husbands murdering their wives.  So long as you are trying to end spousal murder and not wife murder, this is what Men’s Rights Looks Like.

#34 #34So yea this is a real issue.  Women talk about how “Men are Obsolete” and Men talk about “The Friend Zone”.  Both of these ways of thinking are along the lines of treating someone as a mechanism, and some nut jobs talk about murdering over it.

I’m ending with #19

#19This is men’s rights advocacy.  The Tag line for CAFE, a Men’s Rights Advocacy group, is “Equality is equality for all”  This is what The Men’s Human Rights Movement is all about, equality.  Not equality, but only for the people with the correct genitalia, that feminism supports.  Real equality is equality for all.  This is What Men’s Rights Looks Like.