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For people that don’t know Terrorists, feminists terrorists, are trying to shut down AVFM’s conference on Men and Boys.  In my last post I explicitly refused to call the terrorists feminists because frankly lots of people hate Paul Elam.  I have now seen enough evidence that I will call the terrorists feminists.  This has had AVFM buzzing.  If you can I ask that you donate to help keep the conference open.

So now to the advice for Paul.  It really is just two things.  First I love your idea of Calling on Feminists that “Aren’t like that” to help counter the affects of the feminists that are.  I think the idea is great but you fucked up the implementation.  Using Terrorist Threats as a stump to insult feminists for “all being like that” is just wrong, and that is what you ended up doing.  If your goal was actually to help fund the security needed for the event you really should have set up a “Fundanything” fund raiser for this.  A fund raiser that would directly pay the contract for police protection or the insurance policy or something that wouldn’t be putting money directly in your pocket.  I self Identify as MGTOW and I don’t even want to donate to AVFM, but I have donated to help keep the conference open.  By making the Feminist Fundraiser payable to AVFM you are just using the terrorist threat to insult feminists, even the ones that “Aren’t like that”.

Second, AVFM is giving some bad advice on self defense for the conference.  One of the Featured comments on one of the posts dealing with the conference (I can’t find it) was an AVFM admin talking about a deleted post.  He was right to delete it.  Bringing cans of hornet spray for “self defense” is not acceptable.  If you go somewhere looking for violence, you will find it.  MRA’s have a bad enough image already, our only course of action is non-violence that would make Gandhi question himself about being too violent.  This does not mean that there are not active steps that attendees should follow.  And Paul, you really should have talked about this.  Attendees should have video recorders.  If you want to defend yourself and others and prevent violence there is NO tool more powerful than a video phone.  NOTHING deters criminal assaults quite like having the event recorded from 25 different angles.  “All ways be Recording” will deter more violence than any number of people with guns and make it easy for the police to identify and prosecute any attackers and it will even protect you form Paul being over zealous in enforcing the non-violence policy.  The camera doesn’t lie, so make sure you’ve got one rolling if there is even the slightest hint that something may happen.  Make The Conference on Men and Boys the single most video documented event in history.  This is how you can best defend yourself and others.