So Manboobz published a post that I can only describe as misandry.  Most of what he posts isn’t misandry, just very misinformed with massive confirmation bias.  This post can only be described as misandry.

This is a video trying to bring attention to male victims of domestic violence.  It is a high quality video that uses editing for dramatic affect.  It is bringing attention to the fact that we see violence against women as a problem to be stopped, but violence against men is funny.  Even if Manboobz is 100% correct about the editing in of people laughing about the man being beaten by his partner, so what?  Does stage makeup or photo editing or video editing disprove the need for addressing the issue of domestic violence?  Is violence not violence when directed at a male?

domestic-violence-helpline-pissed-off-small-35141This is an actress in stage make up.  Real bruises and cuts are not that photogenic.  To make this poster they had to get an actress to pose wearing stage makeup.  Does this mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to violence against women?  Does the use of actresses in the campaign disprove the need for advocacy?  Does this being an actress in makeup disprove that violence against women is a problem?

words hurtThis image is obviously photo shopped.  Does this mean that the message of “Words hurt” is invalid?  Should we demand videos and stage performances of a man shooting a fist out of his mouth before we accept the idea that words can hurt?

Even if the entire video produced by TheManKindInititive wasn’t done on the streets of London but is 100% paid performers on a sound stage in Hollywood, how does this discredit the message of #Violence is Violence?  Even if the video is a fabrication, how is it different than the campaigns to stop violence against women?

The only reason I can conceive of that Futrell would try to prove the video is “a fraud” is because he doesn’t care about violence against men.  He thinks it’s funny and doesn’t want to see a source of humor, men being beaten, taken from his life.  If wanting to see more violence perpetrated against men isn’t misandry, the hatred of men, I don’t know what it.