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The terrorists are winning.  The Conference on Men and Boys that AVFM is trying to host in Detroit is in very real danger of being shut down because of domestic terrorists.  These domestic terrorists have apparently called in numerous threats of violence murder and destruction of property.  The hotel where the event is to be held is operating in good faith.  No one can expect a hotel or it’s manager to assume the risks and costs of dealing with domestic terrorists.  The threat of the domestic terrorists is real enough and large enough that the hotel management wants SEVEN armed police officers on site 24 hours a day for the conference.

These are terrorists.  They are not threatening to murder Paul Elam or Janet Bloomfield.  They are not threatening to murder other speakers at the conference with whom the disagree.  They are not even threatening to murder the attendees of the event.  Threats against these people wouldn’t work because most people within the Men’s Human Rights Movement value Human rights much more than their own lives.  Threatening us won’t work.  The terrorists are threatening to murder and maim the staff at the hotel, people with no connection to Men’s Rights Advocacy other than working in the wrong hotel.  These are terrorists threatening to murder people to silence the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

This is not the legal and reasonable protest against the event that is scheduled to be across the street.  I support the freedom of speech.  The people that wish to legally protest the event by yelling and screaming and carrying signs are not terrorists.  I support the people that wish to engage in legal and non-violent protests to the event.  While I think they are wrong, they have every right to speak their mind.  I support that right.  Threatening to murder the hotel staff is not non-violent protest.

One more thing I would like to point out.  There is no evidence that these domestic terrorists are feminists.  While it may be reasonable to think so, there is no evidence.  These domestic terrorists may be Traditional Conservatives or some other group that has been know to murder people to push their agenda.  While the Domestic Terrorists attempting to shut down the conference about gender equality are indisputably domestic terrorists, I am have seen no evidence that they are feminists.

Just thought of one more thing.  Even if these threats of murder and mayhem are because people perceive Men’s Rights Activists to be a threat based on the Elliot Rodgers thing, you don’t prove a group is a hate group by threatening to murder the staff at a hotel.