#YesALLWomen has been making it’s rounds.  The full statement is “No, not all men harass women but Yes all women have been harassed by men”.  Every time I see this I think #YesALLWhitePeople because No, not all blacks discriminate against whites but YES all whites have been discriminated against by blacks.

Don’t get me wrong while these are both true statements, they are asinine.  Yes at some point every white person has been discriminated against in some way by a black person.  Black people face much worse discrimination much more often.  Just as with blacks discriminating against whites, it takes very very few men harassing women for #YesALLWomen to be true.  Blacks discriminating against whites is exceptionally rare, but it only take ONE racist in power to discriminate against millions.  The principle of my middle school was a racist black woman and in her 30 years as administrator has discriminated against close to half a million whites.

To say that a tiny minority of individuals within a community represent a massive cultural problem is simply stupid.  To say that a tiny minority of individuals within a demographic are representative of the whole is bigotry.  #YesAllWhitePeople, but no this is not a social or cultural problem.  It is a problem of a small non-representative minority.

It is just as bigoted for a woman to say “It’s OK for me to fear men because one man did something bad to me” as it is for me to say “It’s OK for me to fear blacks because one black did something bad to me”