What We Learned From Commenters Who Are Totally-Not-At-All-Misogynist

I commented on a post from this blogger.  Apparently the only way to disagree with her is to be a horrible sexist misogynist.  Apparently she “learned” all sorts of things about me by dramatically misinterpreting my comments.  So lets look at what was “learned”

  1. Feminism, the belief in gender equality and treating all genders (even women) as human beings is something that men are “sick” of. Apparently, it’s not wrong of those “men” to think that way.

    It’s not the belief in gender equality or treating every one as human beings that men are sick of.  It is the political pandering that treats women like small children with no accountability or agency that men are sick of.

  2. Hating feminism, gender equality and treating women as people, isn’t the same as hating women. Not acknowledging women as people is totally not hating them, how knew?

    Hating feminism is not the same thing as hating gender equality or hating treating women as people or hating women.  It is not gender equality or treating women as people that are problematic, it is the framework of feminism not the stated goals of feminism that are problematic.

  3. “Little ladies” is a perfectly acceptable thing to refer to women as. Why should we deserve any respect? It’s not like we’re people or anything.

    “Little Ladies” is a condescending insult.  Now women are either people that should be able to put on their big girl panties and live with it or women are small children that should be coddled and protected from all the evil things in this world.

  4. Inequality benefits women. What do we need rights for anyway?

    Inequality is not an all or nothing situation.  Inequalities do not favor men and exclusively men or women and exclusively women.  Some inequalities benifit men, some inequalities benefit women.  The existance of inequalities that benefit women does not negate the possibility of inequalities that benefit men.  We need to address both the inequalities that benefit men and women, not one or the other.

  5. Women are completely incapable of opening doors for ourselves – all doors are installed with special peen locks.

    Women are capable of opening doors.  There is no expectation that women open doors for men.  Sexist double standards are sexist double standards regardless of if they affect

  6. Women are completely incapable of paying for things ourself – apparently we don’t work for a living.

    Again sexist double standards are sexist double standards, even when they are placing costs obligations or accountability on men.

  7. Women are completely incapable of lifting things, especially water cooler tanks, which even children can easily move.

    Something else that men are expected to do for women.  Again sexist double standards are still sexist double standards when there is a cost obligation or accountability placed on men.

  8. Women are completely incapable of doing even basic tasks for our selves and actually need men to take care of us, so we “little ladies” should knock off all this “feminism” nonsnese that “men” are so “sick” of, otherwise we’ll be on our own. We have no “game plan” for this event. Presumably, we’ll all just starve to death in our homes because we won’t be able to open our doors and escape, and no one will notice us missing because we don’t have bosses expecting us to come in.

    Women are capable.  It’s not a question of if women are capable of working the death professions.  Its a question of if women are prepared to work in the death professions.  There is little to no calls for equality in work place deaths or work place injuries or in obligations that destroy ones quality of life.  As all the benifits for men vanish, the motivation to take these greater risks also vanish.  If doing life ending or low quality of life jobs has no benefit for doing them, no one will.  Women won’t starve to death because they are too stupid to open doors.  Once men start abandoning all of the jobs that men almost exclusively do there will be a great deal of issue with the logistics needed to get food into the cities.  It is not “little women” that will suffer from this “equality”, but everyone that depends on the mostly invisible infrastructure that is done almost exclusivly by men.

  9. It’s feminism’s fault whenever the attitude that childcare should be a woman’s responsiblity results in the  inconvenince of men not getting cutody. Somehow.

    Its not feminism’s fault that these attitudes exist.  It is Feminism fault that these attitudes can’t be addressed in a meaningful and useful way.  Just look at these things feminists “learned” when someone tried to address these attitudes.

  10. Women should be taught not to “friendzone” men. Apparently, women just owe sex to any dude who might be interested and should never even be allowed to say “no.” Someone should have the authority to teach us this.

    Women don’t OWE sex.  Women should be allowed to say NO.  Reciprocal relationships between equals covey both benefits and costs on both participants in the relationship.  Women are not entitled to the benifits of a reciprocal relationship between equals without recipricating as an equal.

  11. The “friendzone” is a thing that women actually put men in, rather than something that exists entirely in the minds of entitled douchewads who think women aren’t worth actually being friends with and would rather just fake it to get their way, getting indignant when “nice” tokens don’t result in sex.

    Dear Lord someone is asserting that Women are people.  People that make choices.  People that do things.  People who can and do make mistakes.  I just can’t belive that any one actually thinks women are people.  How can anyone actually think women are capable of DOING something.

  12. None of the above is at all misogynistic, and I’m just a silly “little lady” for imagining otherwise.

    No, claiming that women are people is not misogynistic.  It is acceptable and reasonable to be condescending and insulting to someone that has no clue what they are talking about.  Calling your a “little lady” is a great example of condescending and insulting.  It’s time to put on your a big girl panties and accept that you are not immune to insults and condensation.

  13. Also, pointing out misogyny is anti-man.

    No pointing out misogyny is not anti-man.  Calling any attempt to bring attention to the issues that men face Misogyny is anti-man.

  14. I should be really be concerned with whether or not a misogynist will pay for a date (especially since I don’t work,) and of course I would never question why anyone would even want to date a misogynist (since we shouldn’t be allowed to say “no.”)

    Yes, you should be concerned with the sexist double standards that place obligations on men and remove accountability from women.  That you are not concerned with the devastating affects of sexist double standards really undermines your claims to be for gender equality.

  15. Women’s reproductive rights of course have nothing to do with feminism. Makes sense if you consider women’s bodies the property of men.

    Women’s reproductive rights are a major part of feminism.  If feminism was actually for gender equality then men’s reproductive rights would also be a major part of feminism, but it’s not.  Do you consider men’s labor and income to be the property of women?

    1. Anything a woman says can be completely ignored. Told to apologize? Just ignore it. Told to go look up what feminism actually is and admit wrong like a real adult? Just ignore it? Told you’re not welcome here? Just ignore it.

      Authority and Accountability go hand in hand.  You can’t have the authority you want without the accountability that goes with it.   Since you steadfastly refuse to have women held accountable for their actions, you are also denying women any authority and therefore easy to ignore.