Today I learned of another blog attempting to “Debunk” the MHRM.


The strategy for this blog is much more nuanced than others.  It doesn’t just dismiss Men’s Rights out of hand or post memes about neckbeards.  It actually looks at the issues.  So lets look at the first post, an overview of the MRHM.

“Men’s Rights Activists” and the “Men’s Rights Movement” are tied together by a set of grievances regarding the way men are treated in modern society, many of which are legitimate problems.

So off to a very reasonable start.  There do exist legitimate problems that really exist and affect men.  A recognition that the issues are real is in truth a great way to debunk a problem movement.  This is something many MRAs (myself included) need to get better at.  Recognizing the truthful foundation for sexist bigoted constructs and apologetic.

Creating a “movement” based on these grievances that says that men are oppressed by women

Sentence two needs to be broken down into a few parts because it’s so heavly loaded with bad information.  MRAs and the MRM is not Feminism 2.0.  There is no real basis for a claim that men are oppressed BY WOMEN.  Men are oppressed by the same outdated dogmatic regressive and repressive gender roles that oppress women.  There is no “The Patriarchy” or “The Matriarchy” that is men oppressing women or women oppressing men.  It is outdated double standards and restrictive gender roles that oppress both men and women.

and using that as an excuse to form a hate group is contemptible,

So the argument that one gender is being oppressed by the other is forming a hate group and contemptible?  I couldn’t agree more.  This is why I find Feminism contemptible.  It is a hate group formed on the excuse that men are oppressing women.  This is also why MRAs, for the most part, don’t talk about being oppressed BY WOMEN.  Women are not the problem.  Women are people.  The problem is outdated dogmatic regressive and repressive gender roles for both women and men.  This doesn’t mean that MRAs don’t talk about women.  Women are people.  Women are half the people.  Being half the population, women are accountable for roughly half the problem of upholding the outdated dogmatic regressive and repressive gender roles that oppress both men and women.

but some of the actual grievances themselves are legitimate, and warrant discussion.

Again with the agreeing with the MRHM.  I am not sure how the blogger envisions these grievances getting brought forward and pushed into the discussion without people advocating for the issues that men face.  I don’t know how the blogger thinks Men’s Rights Issues will get addressed with out Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs).

However, much of the MRA platform is built on taking these legitimate issues and spinning them into a feminist-led conspiracy to oppress and marginalize men.

This is just misunderstanding the platform.  There is no feminist-led conspiracy to oppress and marginalize men.  There are outdated dogmatic regressive and repressive gender roles that oppress both women and men.  Feminism with its foundations in a Marxist version of Conflict theory has labeled men “oppressors” and women “victims”.  There is not a conspiracy to oppress and marginalize men.  The Threat Narrative of Victim Feminism presupposes “male privilege” and this presupposition makes the very concept of Men’s Issues a non-sequitur.  The issue with feminism isn’t that it is a conspiracy to oppress and marginalize men, but that it’s apologetics prevent a meaningful discussion about men’s rights issues.  Feminism is not oppressing men, but it is preventing Men’s Rights Issues from being addressed.

It is important to dismantle that platform and show the actual origins, causes and effects of these issues, and how they are not evidence of “misandry,” “reverse sexism” or any other systemic oppression of men.

Well accept that in attempting to dismantle the platform you will show that there is misandry and other systemic oppressions of men.  The actual platform of MRAs is exactly what you will show in attempting to dismantle the stawman platform.  The systemic oppressions of men are not oppressions BY women, but oppressions by the SYSTEM.  You know, the very definition of SYSTEMIC.


As of writing this He has three attempts to debunk issues posted.  I will have fun pointing out the flaws in the debunks in future posts.