I have a list of grievances with Feminist ideology a mile long.  These can range from petty to profound.  There are two grievances that are at the core of my disagreement with feminism.  First are the constructs.  Many constructs and concepts have become part and parcel of feminism that are thinly veiled sexist bigotry.  Constructs like “The Patriarchy” do nothing to inform our understanding of reality, but it does justify hating men.  The second is that feminism is rights and only rights for women and only women.  This women women and only women focus of feminism doesn’t advance gender equality, it is a road block to gender equality.

I have proposed the following challenge to many feminists, dozens at this point.  None have actually been able to meet the challenge.  It is a simple challenge that would disprove my claim that feminism is women women and only women.  The challenge is link TWO pieces of feminist action that are advocating making things worse for women or better for men.  I keep this very broad.  The biggest exclusion is that private blogs by individuals don’t count.  Just because YOU said it doesn’t mean that’s actually feminism.

I try to be as honest and truthful as I can.  After 10 years of proposing this challenge to dozens of feminists who have failed to provide a single example, I have found one.  Vitamin W is not a private individual blog.  It is a media outlet with paid staff and paid reporters.  This is not just an individual woman talking to herself thinking it’s representative of feminism.  Vitamin W is funded feminist activism.  Yesterday they published Tropes in Film and TV That Hurt Real Men.  This meets all of my criteria.  Vitamin W is a funded organization that self identifies as feminist, not an individual.  This post does in a very real way attempt to address sexism against men in the media.

It’s not very successful, but it’s a real attempt.  The very title tells me that it’s on a crash course with bigotry.  Really what the hell is a “Real Man”.  Is it one that lives up to these tropes and stereotypes that the post attempts to identify?  The post does identify real tropes and identifies them as harmful TO MEN.

I hope this is a sign that Men’s Rights Activism is working.  That Feminism is making a much needed course correction to be moving society and our culture close to gender equality.  I will be over joyed if this is true, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’m not going to close my eyes and hope.  It is more likely that this is just another sheet of wet tissuepaper trying to cover up the hateful sexist bigotry that drives feminism.  I expect that this isn’t a sign of things changing, but a sign that things are staying the same.   I expect that this is a token gesture so that when people like myself claim feminism is about women women and only women feminists will have something to point at and say “See, we advocate for men” with out ever going further than one post on one site.

I hope this is a sign that feminism is changing.  I expect that it’s nothing more than a token to justify not changing anything.


Tropes in Film and TV That Hurt Real Men
Tropes in Film and TV That Hurt Real Men
Tropes in Film and TV That Hurt Real Men