It was a while ago that I posted Reclaiming “Feminism” telling feminists what they need to do if they really want to have the label Feminism mean what they want it to mean.  The advice was simple, kick the bigots off the stage.  Putting forward reasonable and or moderate ideas just isn’t enough.  To clear the label “Feminism” of it’s hateful sexist bigoted connotations, you need to call out the hateful sexist bigots trying to claim feminism.  Feminists need to call these people out and denounce their use of the label.  I don’t expect feminism to be about policing feminism, but some policing needs to be done 5%, 1 in 20 posts, would be more than enough to draw that line of what IS NOT feminism.

I try to follow this advice for the MHRM/MRA/MGTOW group.  I try to make about 1 in 20 posts about denouncing some one’s claim to be MRA/MGTOW.  This is one such post.

Vary rarely Man Boobz actually finds some actual misogyny, but he did so today With This post.

ManWithAPlan, if you hate women you are not MGTOW.  You are not MRA.  You have no place in the MHRM.  You are a misogynist.  You need serious mental help.  It doesn’t matter WHY you hate women.  Women are far to large and diverse a group to paint with any brush that would justify hate.

Yes, women now spend 15-20 years whoring it up and fucking around.  Then, only after they hit the wall, start looking for a man to partner with.  This is a great reason to be MGTOW, but it doesn’t justify hating women.

Yes, women expect men to fill their male obligations of providing for them.  Women expect men to pay for their care and attention without actually providing the care and attention.  This is a great reason to be a MRA, but it doesn’t justify hating women.

No, this care and attention does not mean sex.  If you want a money for sex transaction, many women are happy to do this.  They are call prostitutes, not dates.  Just because you paid for dinner does not mean your entitled to sex.

Finnally, if you enjoy watching suffering, this makes you sick.  Get the help you need.  Enjoying the suffering of others makes you sick, not MGTOW.  While women being held accountable for their actions is a good thing, the suffering as a result is an unfortunate side affect, not pay back.


MGTOW is Men Going Their Own Way, not blaming women for not sleeping with you.  If your blaming women, not pursuing your own hobbies and enlightenment, your not MGTOW.  Get a hobby.  I like knitting and painting little army men.  I’ve got a 4×8 diorama of WWII German forces clashing with the British.  It looks amazing.

MRA is Men’s Rights Advocate, not male privilege advocate.  If your making claims about being entitled to sex, this isn’t a right, but the entire Patriarchy/Privilege thing feminists rightfully complain about.  Men don’t have a right to sex after dinner.  If you want to be a MRA, advocate for equality in education, equality in prison sentencing, equality in child custody, equality in reproductive rights, equality military obligations.  If your not advocating for equality, your not a MRA.