Recently I’ve been having a blog debate with some feminists.  Basically their argument is that feminism is not “Women Women and ONLY Women” because of all the benefits feminism has brought to women.  One of the participants in this argument has made a post publicly pre-banning me from commenting on a post about ME.

The amusing part is that he doesn’t even do enough looking into the situation to distinguish me from Defytherarrative.  This turns his post into nothing more than a farce.  People like this are so indoctrinated in feminism and so devote in their beliefs that actual conversation with them is impossible.  His justification for telling every one else to ban me as well just reminded me so much of this Monty Python skit.

According to Andy, I do weigh the same as a duck.

Lets look at why Andy thinks I’m a witch.

He posts this.


I agree.  Feminism isn’t intentionally or directly or meaningfully arguing for female superiority.  Feminism isn’t equality and equality isn’t feminism.  Equality is Equality.  So What is feminism?

This is feminism.

So What are the arguments Andy made against me?

Now then, of course I am aware of the historical backdrop and that organizing to change our society was necessary.  I do not dispute that at all.

There is most decidedly a historical backdrop and organizing to change our society was and is necessary.  What I don’t agree with is the victim narrative fabricated by feminists using constructs like “The Oppression of Women” and “The Patriarchy”.  The historical backdrop isn’t “Male Privilege” it is interconnected interdependent divisions of labor that place burdens on both men and women and grants the rights needed to fulfill these duties.

Nor do I deny there is a gender wage gap, and other issues that are frequently cited.

Nor do I deny there is a gender wage gap.  What I deny is the feminist victim narrative about what how and why there is a wage gap.  The Wage gap is not unequal pay for equal work.  It is different pay for different work, mostly arising out of a gender segregated work force.  If we want to close the wage gap “Women’s Rights” isn’t the solution.  1 in 5 engineers is a women.  1 in 12 Senators is a woman.  1 in 20 CEO’s of fortune 500 companies is a woman.  1 in 40 Teachers is a man.  1 in 300 homemakers is a man.  To address the gender segregation in the work force we need to be focusing on the most gender segregated professions.  We need to be focusing on teaching our children through example to expect gender integrated work places.  This isn’t done though more Female CEO’s and Senators.  Teaching is MUCH more gender segregated and teaches children through example to expect gender segregated work places.

1.  Some men need to be told “Don’t rape” until they stop committing the crime of rape.  1 out of every 6 women have had an attempted or completed rape.

Yes, Defythenarrative, bigger stronger men often have to be taught that “no” means “no”.  And still that lesson does not sink in.  So then they commit rapes, and then go to prison if caught.  That’s if the victim is brave enough to come forward and press charges.

Some PEOPLE, not just men PEOPLE, need to be told don’t rape.  Heck EVERYONE needs to be told this at some point.  We have laws and social norms and customs that say rape is bad, don’t do it.  It’s not a question of IF this should be taught, but to what extent.  We don’t need protests and rallies with angry women carrying signs saying “Teach men not to rape”.  At some point this switches over from protecting women to harassing men.

I wrote this post about Harassment at Comic Con a while ago.  5% of women do get harassed at Comic Con, but only 0.01% of men are harassers.  Even assuming that your 1 in 6 number is correct, and assuming harassment and rape have similar numbers, then only 0.04% of men will even attempt rape.  How many times should the 99.96% of men that ARE NOT rapists be told to not rape?  Really, a dramatically larger portion of Blacks steal stuff.  Should we have a “Teach Blacks to not Rob” postering campaign?  You can read more about bigoted postering campaigns here.

2.  Men are not the victim of more rapes.  That’s an insane statement.   I can point him to UCR stats, but I don’t think he knows what that means.  And he’s not worth the time compiling data for.  I will just use this website link that shows 3 percent of American men have had an attempted or completed rape.  

Well except I’ve already covered this in two posts using the primary source, the same source cited by RAINN.  40% of Rapists are Women and Only 20 Women have been raped.  To recap rape IS NOT “A man Forcing carnal knowledge upon a women”.  Rape is “Forced to have sex”.  If you consider everyone forced to have sex, not just the instances of a man forcing carnal knowledge upon a women, then identical numbers of men and women are victims.  Then this study only considers people in non-institutional settings.  Prison rape is not considered in this study.  If you include prison rape, a crime more common that rape of women or men outside of prison, then men are 2/3 of all rape victims.

Also, I want to link this story.

It is well worth reading.

3.  Don’t harass anyone, silly person.  Try that.

How well does this work for women?  Does women not harassing anyone reduce the amount of harassment of women?  If so, why don’t we have “Teach women not to harass” marches and rallies and postering campaigns?  Do you really think not harassing anyone really is a solution to you being harassed?

Just block him from commenting on your blog.  If he’s going to just lie and make up stats, why even deal with him?

Well except for the fact that I don’t lie and I don’t make up stats, yes block me.  If you are so far gone into close minded bigotry that you have become immune to real facts and stats, I have no reason to bother with you either.