This was posted on Thought Catalog.  It contains some real nuggets of hate.

Most of it is juvenile whining that kids are smelly and need to be fed.  I have no issue with people that don’t want children.  I go farther than not wanting children, I want to NOT have children.  While my decision is based upon social political and economic realities, I’m not going to judge someone making the same choice for more selfish reasons.

I think #6, “It may be a boy” really is clearly man hating sexist bigotry.  She craps out a few real golden nuggets.

Me and my Women’s studies friends and teachers have this running gag, whenever someone is pregnant we ask “Is it a girl or an abortion?”.

Yes, sex selective abortions are good.  Well as long at it’s males your aborting?

You know what boys eventually become, right? That’s it, Men.

So men are bad?  It’s not interdependent interconnected gender roles that place burdens on both men and women or even “The Patriarchy” it’s men.


Now I’m not sure if this is an actual feminist post or someone running afoul of Poe’s law because well I’m really not sure.