The film “Oppressed Majority” is making waves.  At first glance it is just more one sided bigoted sexist feminism.  But if we take a second look and really consider the film it touches on many of the issues talked about in the MRM.  There are very real Men’s Rights issues that the film very unintentionally touches on.

So lets start with the premise of the move, gender reversals.  Men are acting like women and women are acting like men.  How does the film portray women as men and men as women?  What are the gender signifiers used?  Well the women played by men are known to be women because they are allowed to be near children unsupervised.  Really.  This is the signifier used, unsupervised contact with children.  Men are so demonized by society that unsupervised contact with children is now a gender signifier.

How are the men played by women known to be men?  Well they are topless.  They are showing off their bodies.  They are being displayed as sex objects, but masculine sex objects so it’s not really objectification.  This really blows the entire “Sexual Objectification of Women” arguments out of the water.

I’m not going to touch on the Islamaphoic aspects with the guy in the hobbit hat thing spouting Magical Sky Daddy Non-sense.  I will point out again that unsupervised contact with children, running a daycare, is again used as a female gender signifier.

I think the biggest MRA aspect of the film is the depiction of the “Rape”.  I put “Rape” in scare quotes because according to feminism it wasn’t really a rape.  The victim was forced to penetrate.  The attackers didn’t pull out their strap-on and sodomize him.  They pulled down his pants and bit his cock.  He was never penetrated by force, so not “Rape”.  Now this can be argued either way.  Feminists are in fact histirical  over non-rapes, or “Forced to Penetrate” really is rape.

Then we have the Male obligation to provide.  The Wife picks her husband up from the Police station.  While it’s portrayed as lack of care for the harm her spouse suffered, what she was really doing was prioritizing food to eat over the emotional security of the spouse.

The Oppressed Majority while clearly one sided feminist propaganda gives MRA’s very good very real feminist written things to point at for trying to discuss issues that affect men.  Men’s demonization and exclusion from child care to such an extent that unsupervised contact with children is a gender signifier.  The “non-rape” of being forced to engage in sexual activities as a man.  Then the obligations, stresses and pressures of the provider/protector that result in dissmissing of overly emotional pleas.