One of the most devastating aspects of feminism isn’t the hateful sexist bigotry.  It is the echo chamber they have created to support and maintain their hateful sexist bigotry.  If feminism was considered by most people to be the equivalent of the KKK or NAZI, it wouldn’t be a real problem.  These groups can’t hide their hateful racist bigotry.  It’s out in the open for everyone to see.  Everyone knows that these groups are hateful racist bigots, they have no echo chamber protecting them.  Feminism does.  This is what makes arguing against feminism so very challenging.

I very much do not want to see the MRM become Feminism 2.0 with our own echo chambers and double speak and magical sky daddies.  That is what THIS POST on the Men’s Rights Sub Reddit is trying to do.  Silencing voices that are not towing the party line are how you create an echo chamber, not how you expand truth.  A post calling me a feminist poison has driven ten times my normal traffic to this blog.  Really if more MRA’s are interested in burning witches for disagreement than talking about and identifying the symptoms and causes of Misandry, I’m not going to be a MRA any more.

Feminism is wrong.  It is Very Very wrong.  That doesn’t mean anything fought for or argued by feminists is wrong because “Feminism”.  Being associated with feminism does not make an issue incorrect or invalid.  Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.  If an issue is really a non-issue it is because the facts and evidence disprove the claims.

So To reply to his claims.  Well that’s about MY claims.  I didn’t say that survival rates where the same.  I said that similar numbers died.  Survival rates and numbers of deaths are not the same.  Getting struck by Lightning and Splinters kill about the same number of people every year.  While lighting is fatal nearly 100% of the time, it is very rare.  Splinters are fatal in about 1 in 100 Billion splinters, but people get lots of splinters.  The survival rates are meaningless when talking about the number of fatalities.

About 40,000 people die from breast cancer every year.

About 30,000 people die from prostate cancer every year.

With 2.5 MILLION deaths every year, these rank very close to each other on cause of death.

I can only assume that this answers the objection because none was ever actually stated.  I am not sure what aspect he thinks is wrong.  The ages?  The total number?  The 3% wage gap?