The Return of Kings blog posted a hypothesis for why a school shooting happened.  A reasonable and plausible theory.  It doesn’t follow the feminist “women are always and exclusively the victims”.  The theory paints the shooter as the victim of impossible societal and cultural standards.  According to feminism men can’t HAVE problem because men ARE the problems.  Because of this the theory must be bunk.

So lets look at the argument presented by Return of Kings.

Premise 1: Sex and sexual relations are important aspects of a healthy balanced life.

Premise 2: An unhealthy, unbalanced life can and often does lead people to do insane things (like shoot up a school or commit suicide)

Premise 3:Karl wasn’t getting any sex.

Conclusion:Karl became unhinged because his physical and emotional needs for intimate relations where not being met.


I personally find this to be a sound and reasonable argument.  Premise 3 is weak, their isn’t much proof for it.  ROK’s is specific about intent.  Premise 3 is weak, but while we can’t prove it for Karl, the social and cultural situation that creates the environment is present for most boys.  So the only real question is if involuntary celibacy is actually a problem the men face.  According the Wiki there is ONE and only ONE paper written about involuntary celibacy, and that was written 15 years ago and published 12 years ago.  So there is a generational gap between the study and people in High School now.

I’ve not done an exhaustive study of the paper, but it reports that 80% of women have boyfriends…..but only 20% of males have girl friends.  So the average guy that gets dates, has FOUR girl friends.  The other 80% of men, well they just don’t count according to ManBoobz and feminism.