There has been lots of talk about this incident.  A College set up an anonymous rape reporting form.  It doesn’t just gather nameless faceless data, but the name of the alleged attacker.  Why Was this form problematic?  Why do I support the attack on the form?

Well it’s reading between the lines.

“[i]nformation shared in this form alone will not result in anyone going through the grievance process.”

So not the form alone.  What kinds of collaborating evidence is needed?  If your girlfriend sees you having sex with another girl, and she anonymously reports it as rape what happens?  It is an easily conformable fact that you where having sex with a girl at the time and place of the reported rape, will this be enough collaborating evidence to proceed with a full kangaroo court press?  How about the sociopath in your econ class.  She can easily and without consequence fabricate evidence to support her planned malicious false rape accusation.  Then she’s number 1 in the class.

The need for collaborating evidence is only true if you actually believe that there won’t be pressure to expel every male reported.  I mean the rapes are being reported, but no grievance process?  How long does anyone think that will last?

Events like these may be rare, but that does not mean they should be encouraged.  It doesn’t take much to believe that people lie, all people lie.  Women are people.  Ergo, women lie.

So yes showing the admins how painfully simple it is to abuse and misuse the form is important and valuable activism.  Even with the blatant abuse of the system, they are clearly not getting the message.

The “Big Deal” about this wasn’t some petty internet activism.  It was MRA’s making false rape reports.  Let me make this clear.  Not I nor any other MRA have a problem with ALL false rape reports, only the ones that are taken seriously.  I harbor no ill will or resentment to the delusional 90 year old with Alzheimer’s trying to report (falsely) that she was gangbanged by King Henry VIII, Mickey Mouse, and Jesus.  No one will take this report seriously.  This is the level of believability of most if not all of the reports.  These are not reports that will be taken seriously so are not problems as false reports.  There was no intent or even belief that harm would come to the individuals reported.  The intent was to make it clear how easy it is to abuse the reporting form.  The belief was that the reports would be discarded.