There is a great deal of gender angst.  AVFM published something that talks about how women have become obsolete outside their biological baby factories.  Hanna Rosin published a book titled The End of Men.  There is a very simple flaw with both of these ideas.  That flaw is that independence means one group wins and another group looses.  This dichotomy just assumes a zero-sum game.  Both look at the same situation from different perspectives, and come to the same conclusion.  Hanna, being a woman, looks at the reality around her and see no need for a man.  She can do everything on her own, well everything but produce sperm.  Clint looks at the situation and comes to the same conclusion.  He has no need for a woman.  He can do everything on his own, well everything but get pregnant.  Both Hanna and Clint look at ‘the other side’ and say they are not needed any more.  This is simply a bad analysis.  Men and women will both continue to exist.  Both men and women will continue to work and play and be productive.  Neither women or men are going anywhere.

The real looser is not a gender, but every one.  The real looser is relationships.  We are just a few tech gizmos away from removing the need for any relationships at all between men and women.  Through fear mongering in “Rape Culture” and “Violence against Women” we have created as a society a situation where both women and men are coming to believe that relationships are toxic and bad for them.  We are a few tech gizmos away, not from The End of Men or Female Obsolescence, but from the end of dating and romance and inter-gender relationships.