Gender quotas are something that are talked about often.  They are talked about very poorly though.

First let me distinguish gender quotas from racial quotas.  When looking at racial quotas, whites are not restricted from doing anything.  Whites are not limited by means or respect or social expectations from doing any job that other races do.  Minority races are restricted in many ways from doing things that whites do.  There are not “white jobs” and “black jobs”.  Reciprocal quotas don’t make sense for racial quotas.  There are no restrictions on whites to make a reciprocal quota about.  A white is no less respected or admired than a black when doing jobs like Farmer or Janitor.

There are jobs roles and tasks that men are limited in.  There are jobs roles and tasks that men are restricted from.  While there is no racial division of labor, only oppression of minorities, there is a gendered division of labor.  We view any male working with children with contempt and fear.  We have come up with abusive terms for men in female dominated fields, names like “Murse” for male nurse.  If we are to implement gender quotas we need reciprocal gender quotas.  If Montana really want’s gender quotas for the legislature, I’m not against that.  It just needs to not end there.  There needs to be a reciprocal quota.  What ever % is mandated for women’s seats in the house should be the same enforced quota for secretaries of the legislators.  If we are to enforce gender parity we need to insure that it’s not just men’s jobs that are taken by women.  We need parity in both men doing “women’s work” and women doing “men’s work”, and if the theories pan out, these distinctions will go away quickly.  For this to happen we need to break the gender roles for both men and women, not just women.