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Well this was a train wreck of an article.  It really did help solidify some of the real problems with Women’s and Gender Studies for me.  It also has some points that helped me understand these people better.  So lets look Point by Point.

1. Everyone assumes you’re gay.

Well this is probably true, and a bad assumption.  It probably a more to do with #19 “We Don’t hate men” than the tattoos piercings or funky hair.

2. If you really are gay, well, “it figures”.


If there is a male in “Women’s Studies” it’s a safe bet their gay.  Not because heterosexual men don’t favor equality, but because only gay men could empathize with the man bashing that is a constant in women’s studies.

3. You’re sick of trying to explain to people that you don’t identify with a gender anymore.

Gender is a social construct.  This does not mean you’ve got the option to opt out any more than I can just choose to not pay my taxes or follow laws.

4. You’re sick of trying to explain to people that gender and sex are social constructs.

Gender is the social construct of sex.  Gender is a social construct, sex is not.  Sex is biology.  However this does not mean that there is no real connection between the biology of sex and the socially constructed expectations of gender.  The two are very closely related.

5. You’ve tried (in vain) to explain what performativity is.

When you make up words you need to explain what they mean.  This requires explaining it to ever person you want to use that word around.  There are many made up words in Gender Studies to try and make the Major seem less useless.

6. You adore the phrase “historically and culturally specific” because it makes you sound super smart.

Yep Just like making up the word in #5.  Horray for meaningless self affirming non-sense.  I mean “Women’s Studies”

7. You only date feminists.

This one was the real eye opener for me.  If your actually dating, your not dating feminists.  Your dating lying scum bags that will tell you what ever it takes to get your pants off.  Now given that your first criteria for who to date is someone that is willing and able to lie convincingly to your face, is it any wonder you only date people that lie to you?  It’s not men that are bad.  It’s your selection process.

8. All of your friends are feminists.

So a combination of #7 and a self fabricated echo chamber where no new ideas can get in.  And you wonder why people don’t like feminists.

9. A surprising number of your friends are also gay, transgender, drag queens/kings, and/or some other kind or gender deviants.

Diverse friends when it comes to gender identity, to bad they are all group think feminists with no actual original thoughts.

10. You’re utterly at a loss as to why anyone would NOT identify as a feminist.

Try actually talking with one, you know make friends with different political and social ideologies so that your mind is challenged.

11. Because feminism is not only an awesome cause full of awesome people…

Lets just agree to disagree……example, you.

12. It’s pretty obvious, too.

enhanced-buzz-10829-1379669354-15Yea, accept there are real problems with this.  1 in 4 women are raped.  Men are raped at the same rate, higher if you include the 1/3 of all rapes that happen in prison.  With less than half of all rape victims being female, addressing this as a “Women’s Issue” is simply wrong.

1 in 15 Senators is Female.  1 in 300 Homemakers are Male.  Gender segregation of the workforce does not only affect women.

5 Million women are starving themselves.  100 million are eating themselves to death.  The focus on anorexia is covering up and denying the problem of obesity.  A Problem that is literally 20 times as bad.

Women’s rights are still threatened around the world.  Men’s rights is still considered a bad word.  Gender equality failed in the 70’s when we started talking about “Women’s Rights” and not “Human Rights”  Feminism is a failure.

13. You’re thrilled at the prospect of raising a daughter (or a child of any gender) because you know you can DO IT RIGHT!

Right.  Need I remind you that Gender is a social construct, but it is very closely linked with biological sex and WITH REASON.

14. You’re so sick of the question: “Why is there Women’s Studies but no Men’s Studies?”

15. …because there is “Men’s Studies.”

Making a seperate bullet point for the answer really shouldn’t count as a new number….Just saying


I think one of the commentators addressed this perfectly.  A woman wrote.

Hey. As a History MA, let me tell you something in response to this:

“But the discourses of history books have been told exclusively by the privileged gender: men.”

All I will say is how dare you. It is infuriating you can say something like that when you know /nothing/ about my major. You say you’re a feminist, but you are de-valuing the incredibly important roles women have had in our understanding and formulation of historical discourse. In fact, Holocaust studies are attributed in large part to Hannah Arendt: a woman.

I am appalled that intelligent people are purporting such a narrow-minded idea of what my subject is and how it is taught. I feel ashamed that someone who identifies as a feminist could make such a false, generalised statement. I’d think someone who fights for equality wouldn’t use absolutes.

That’s what I think of most of feminism.

16. You feel the urge to respond to outrage by writing an essay about it.

So, you are an adult.  Adults use words.  The fact that you consider this an accomplishment only puts you about 8 years behind the physics students.

17. Judith Butler is both your best friend and worst enemy.

18. Don’t even get you STARTED on Foucault

Two authors that you describe by defining paranoia and Schizophrenia.  Really the mentally ill are your heros?

19. Most of all, you understand that even though every other major thinks you just sit around making fun of men…

We don’t hate men. Did you know men are feminists, too? Geez.

Refer back to #7.  Men are not feminists.  They are just lying to get into your pants.

20. …you actually LEARN a lot about people, society, sociology, psychology, history, science, economics, philosophy, and more!

These are called core curriculum classes.  Every one takes them, all majors.  Really what your describing is the transphere degree from a two year school, not a 4 year degree.

21. Not to mention everything you learn about YOURSELF, which enables you to grow into a well-rounded, educated person

I’m going to argue you don’t learn about yourself.  You are indoctrinated in what others think you should think about yourself.  If you really want to learn about yourself climb a mountain.  Go sky diving.  Run a Marathon.  Attempt to build a better mouse trap.

22. WGST majors know that they have the BEST major!

and we close with narcissism.  Sounds like feminism to me.