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imagesExpanding Title IX to include STEM fields is something that is getting talked about.  It is supported by many feminist organizations and even President Obama.




I support this initiative.  It is a good idea, but we need to not stop at STEM.  The problem with Title IX as it stands isn’t that it forces gender parity.  The problem is that it only forces gender parity in the areas where men out number women.  We need to expand title IX and expand it a ton.

Sports are not the only extra curricular activities on campuses across the nation.  We need to expand title IX to include every single activity from sports to Drama to women’s centers.

Expanding Title IX to academics sounds like a great idea to me, so long as we don’t stop at STEM.  We need to include STEM and humanities and the soft science and nursing and teaching and gender studies and basket weaving.  If we are to have quotas, lets have quotas in every department and for the school as a whole.

I’m all in favor of gender equality.  If someone wants to argue that on campus that means parity in numbers, I won’t dispute.  I will just insist that we need equality for both men and women, not equality just for women.  We need parity in every field, not just the ones dominated by men.  We need parity in all extra curricular actives, not just sports.  We need equality between women and men, not equality only for women.