This was published on Huffington Post.  It’s been making it’s rounds so I thought I would disassemble it and see what’s really there.

Yesterday somebody on Facebook told me that feminism elevates women at the expense of men, that its agenda to validate women emasculates us guys.

He was right.

He actually was right.  From day one Feminism has been elevating women at the expense of men.  Now, the question is not if this is true.  This is unarguably true.  The question is if it’s justified.  According to feminism women have been oppressed 2nd class citizens and males the privileged overlords.  Freeing the slaves took a great deal of wealth and power and income away from whites to elevate blacks.  This is power and wealth that whites shouldn’t have had in the first place.  Freeing the slaves did help blacks at the expense of whites, but it was justified.  Many, like myself, don’t believe women are oppressed second class citizens.  Tearing men down to elevate women isn’t creating equality or moving too equality.  It is oppressing men.

For men, the rise of feminism has relegated us to second-class status. Inequality and discrimination have become part of our everyday lives.

Yep, correct again.  How many times do men need to be told “Don’t Rape”?  Men are excluded from most victim services even though men are more often the victim of every single crime including rape.  Harass a man, it’s Tuesday.  Harass a woman, it’s the end of the world.  Inequality and discrimination really have become part of our every day lives.

Because of feminism, men can no longer walk down the street without fear of being catcalled, harassed, or even sexually assaulted by women. When he is assaulted, the man is blamed — the way he dressed he was “asking for it.”

Ah Yes.  Blurring the line between being tazored and thrown in the back of a van and getting called “Sexy”  Lump sexual assaults in with cat calls because really they are the same thing.  Also, men have much more to fear walking down the street than women do.  Men are more often the victims of every single type of crime including rape.  Men are murdered much more often than women, but women suffer from catcalls.  We must ignore mens lives and protect the women’s feelings.

Because of feminism, there are no major Christian conferences about how to act like men, where thousands of men can celebrate their manliness and Jesus (and perhaps poke fun at female stereotypes).

Now Religion.  Religion is FUBAR.  Religion holds really outdated and dogmatic standards for both men and women.  Women are baby factories and men are disposable meat shields.  Providing men with meaningless distinctions and 15 min of fame to convince them to sacrifice their lives or destroy their bodies for God is hardly oppressing women.  Religion oppresses everyone except for the Plutocrats that own the religion.

Because of feminism, church stages and spotlights are often dominated by women. Men are encouraged to just serve in the nursery or kitchen. Sometimes men are even told to stay silent in church.

Again with religion, see above.

Because of feminism, women make more money than man in the same jobs.

No, this isn’t true.  Women make the same as men in the same jobs.  The problem of “The wage Gap” isn’t unequal pay for equal work.  It is different pay for different work.  Arguing that women should make as much money as a man Working 6 less hours per week and 2 less weeks per year…Well that’s just wrong.

Because of feminism, it’s hard to find a movie with a heroic male lead anymore. Most blockbusters feature a brave woman who saves the world and gets a token man as a trophy for her accomplishments.

Heroic lead?  I bet you mean unrealistic male standards of meat shield that gets beaten shot stabbed drowned thrown out of an airplane run over by a train and still manages to walk away.  Yea because we really should be holding up size zero models as ideal.  Er, wait, it’s male disposable not female appearance so all good.

Because of feminism, women’s professional sports are a massively profitable enterprise where women are globally idolized. Men only appear briefly, before commercial breaks, when they’re objectified for their bodies.

There are NO “Men’s professional sports”.  There are Professional sports that can be competed in by men and women.  It is not that women are excluded, but that women can’t keep up.  Women’s leagues are at best comparable to semi-pro leuges, and then your talking compatible enterprises.

Because of feminism, all birth control is covered for women without question or debate, while men have to fight to get insurance companies to pay for their Viagra prescriptions. When men do speak up about this, leaders of the “family friendly” right wing labels them “sluts” and “whores.”

Men have no birth control to argue about.  Men have not reproductive rights for the “family friendly” right wingers to attack.  Men are held hostage to the choices of women in all things reproductive.  The fact that the book is closed and men are excluded from reproductive rights does not justify taking more rights away from men.  Propose Legal Paternal Surrender “financial abortion” and you can bet the bottom dollar that the right wing will start attacking men that take this option.

Because of feminism, the male body is constantly under public scrutiny. If a man appears topless on TV, it’s a national scandal resulting in huge fines and boycotts. Bloggers regularly write about how we need to be more mindful of the ways our clothing choices tempt women to sin. Satirists insist that shorts “aren’t really pants” and then men should cover up because “nobody wants to see that.”

Men are objectified as success objects, women are objectified as sex objects.  Is it really surprising that men are not objectified as women?  Also, men are taught about how our clothing affects risks.  Showing off wealth in places with high poverty and crime will get you mugged.

Because of feminism, men are not represented in the White House, and women hold over 80 percent of the seats in Congress. When a man runs for office, his physical appearance and clothing choices are discussed almost as much as his policies and ideas.

LOL.  Let me finish laughing.  Men ARE NOT represented in the White house.  Women are.  Politicians are interested in one thing, getting re-elected, maintaining power.  The electorate, the people that vote, are 56% women.  This significant majority is the group most represented in politics (The group targeted for messaging, it’s really the excessively wealth men and women that are truly represented).

Because of feminism, men must fight for a voice in the public sphere. In issues of theology, politics, science, and philosophy, the female perspective is often considered default, normal, and unbiased. Male perspectives are dismissed for being too subjective or too emotional. When we speak up, we are often dismissed as angry, rebellious, subversive, or dangerous.

Well half true.  Women are significantly under represented and under valued in theology and science.  The female perspective is often dismissed in these areas.  Politics is about even.  In Sociology and philosophy it is now men that are significantly under represented and under valued.  Men are excluded from conversations on parenting reproduction gender and housekeeping.  There are many places that the male perspective is lacking.

But stay strong, bros.

One day we’ll all be equal.

Whatever you do, don’t read Jesus Feminist. It’s full of ideas that will continue to oppress and harm men — ideas such as “women are people too” and “the dignity of and rights of women are as important as those of men”.

Two Backwards and regressive dogmas smashed together.  There is nothing that turns my stomach more.  Don’t worry I won’t be reading Jesus Feminist any time, ever.  If I want to read a distopian horror I’ll just read 1984 or Animal Farm.