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Refreshments and networking from 4.30pm to 5.45pm and 6pm start at the Lecture Theatre at Blackburn University Centre. International Men’s day is on November 19. The event is at Blackburn University Centre. For more information,email info@womansvoice.info

It looks like feminism may be turning around.  “Woman’s Voice” is a feminist organization that is hosting an event at Blackburn University Center.  The focus of the event will be Violence against MEN.  From what I can tell from that short article the event really will be about men and men’s issues and men’s rights.  What should a man do when attacked by a women?  This is one question they will be tackling.  This is not the standard men as perp women as victim loaded question.

I wish I could attend.  I wonder if this event will spawn terrorist protests like the Warren Farrell talk at U of T did.  Only time will tell if this is actually the much needed course correction for feminism to be about “equality” or if it is just another attempt to throw men under the bus.  I have hope.