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America could use more David Schorrs. The divorced Manhattan attorney, who’s in the midst of a contentious custody battle with his ex-wife, refused to take his son to McDonald’s because he was concerned his son was eating too much junk food.

When it was Schorr’s turn to feed his son dinner, he gave the child the option of any restaurant (because, you know, cooking is out of the question) except McDonald’s—and added that if McDonald’s was his son’s only choice (it was), he’d have to go hungry. Such abuse!

For denying his son chicken mcnuggets, Schorr had to endure a mental evaluation (!), after which Marilyn Schiller, the court-appointed psychologist in the pic above, labeled Schorr ‘wholly’ incapable of taking care of his son. She told a judge the fast food flap “raises concerns about the viability” of the father’s weekend visits with his son and requested the judge eliminate or…

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