We often hear about the evil things men do.  This is a list of really nice things people have done.


I find it interesting because of the break down.

10 of 20 are MEN doing nice things.

5 of 20 are people not gender identified doing nice things. (note the motorcyclist while identified as a man in the text is not clearly identifiable as male so Included here)

3 of 20 are groups of people doing nice things.

only 2 of 20 are females doing nice things.

So what meaning is there in this break down?  Are men 5 times a willing to go out of their way to help?  Are women just being under represented here?  Are women willing to help, but only if it’s a group activity?

My personal take on it is objectification of both men and women as explained by Dr. Farrel.  Women are objectified as human BEings.  Men are objectified as human DOings.  This is a list of doings so it’s mostly a list of men.