So I’m having an intersting comment discussion on this post:

When I see a very well written blog post I reblog it.  When I see a great meme or video I link it.  When it’s great comments, I do cut and paste.  These are not my words but they are truly wonderful words for equality.

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to chime in here, but I do. (Mostly because of the dialogue between you and neutralgenderlanguage/LindaWebb) So here goes. . . I am female with no children working in a law firm x 26 years. I fully believe in equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity and whatnot. However, I am NOT a fan of anyone – male or female – being given “special” consideration “because” they have children. I see alot of this where I work. People – male and female – are given time off work with pay “because” they have a baby. They are given time away from work with pay “because” have sick children. They are given time away from work with pay “because” their child’s school called. They are given time away from work with pay “because” the day care closed. They are given time away from work with pay “because” the babysitter didn’t show up. And on and on it goes. This is blatant discrimination – “family” vs. “individual”. And yet, it is. It exists. Life is all about choices. If you chose to have a family, IMHO – then THAT should be YOUR priority (not mine or my employers). If you chose to have a family AND climb the corporate ladder, then you – the individual – must choose your priorities. Corporations have no obligation to make those choices for you or make special concessions for you. In fact, corporations (generally speaking – like your post is written) have no obligation to you – the employee – at all. In the United States, any person – man or woman – can put up their own money – open a business – and set up shop. If they do – it’s theirs. They can run it any way they like so long as they do not discriminate as defined by federal law (age, race, gender, religion, etc.). Using the law firm example you gave, an attorney can put up their own money – hang their shingle – drum up business – grow – hire associates – grow – form partnerships – grow – and on and on. They (the original owner and partners) owe you – a female attorney or paralegal or secretary – nothing. If you don’t want to work the 100 hours a week required to make partnership (for whatever reason) – don’t. Doesn’t really matter if you are a man or a woman. But don’t then sit back and demand some special consideration “because you have children”. What sense does that make? Where’s the logic in that? Again, I absolutely believe in equality. I would advocate for ANY woman who was discriminated against in her work place because of her gender. But at the same time, I could never – in good conscience – defend your position, which seems to be that women with children are owed something “extra” by their employer. They aren’t. Off my soapbox now.