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women are peopleThis is actually a much more difficult question than it may appear.  The label feminist has all sorts of thing associated with it.  If you define a feminist as someone that wants Gender equality, I’m not a feminist.  Gender equality is far to close to Gender sameness for me to support that position.  If you define feminism as “ Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” [1] then I am very much a feminist.  My views may differ greatly from most feminists.  This is because I’m actually much more in favor of social political and economic equality between the sexes than most feminists.  I want equality for both Men and Women, not just equality FOR WOMEN.

Susan B. Anthony was a great person and an amazing leader.  She was a feminist that I aspire to be like.  She was not about “Equality for women”.  She was fighting for the social political and economic equality of the sexes.  According to one story that I can’t verify Both Susan and a Man where arrested at the same time for doing the same thing.  When the judge offered her a lighter sentence because she was female, she refused.  She said if women are to be the political and social equals of men, women need to be their equals in all aspects of society and politics, not just the ones that benefit women.  If this is feminism, I’m a feminist.

Today Feminists are not arguing for equality in prisons.  They are arguing against it.  Together Women Project is an organization that is working to keep women out of prison.  Women are already much less likely to be indited, less likely to be convicted, and if convinced will serve less time.  Women are only 5% of the prison population, but need special treatments and services just for them.  Being treated like people isn’t good enough.  Really, the web site says “However, this can mean that females receive the same services that men do.”  I mean can you imagine anything more horrifying than actual equality?  If this is feminism I want no part in it.

NowFeminism used to be was a good thing.  The 1966 Mission statement for The National Organization for Women (NOW) was centered around “The purpose of NOW is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all the privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.”  This is a feminism I can agree with.  Women need rights and responsibilities to be fully engaged in the mainstream of American society.  Women are not out to replace men, but to be truly equal partners with men.  There are aspects of the full statement I disagree with, but as a whole, it’s rather good.  It wants Social Political and economic equality between women and men.

VAWAThis is no longer feminism.  This same Organization, NOW, now says this.  There is no mention of responsibilities or obligations.  There is no mention of men.  The word “equality” is used many times over, but it is “Equality for women”.  According to NOW, The largest feminist Organization in the US, men are not even part of gender equality.  I’m not sure how any one hopes to achieve gender equality if men are not even part of the equation.  I do know that I want no part of it.  If this is feminism, I am NOT a feminist.

There are lots of associated things around feminism.  Social, political and economic equality of the sexes is one thing.  I agree this is a good thing.  The constructs ideas and vocabulary used to try and argue the point is something very different.  There is no Patriarchy.  “Male Privilege” is a dysfunctional backwards way of thinking.  “Rape Culture” is ether everything everywhere at all times, or doesn’t exist.  If being a feminist requires me to subscribe to this nonsense, I am not a feminist.