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I don’t have much use for The Spearhead or Jezebel.  Nut jobs are nut jobs ku-bigpicregardless of what side they are on.  Most of what’s posted is mindless drivel or bigoted sexist hate speech.  This is one that is actually reasonable.

There is one thing to keep in mind while reading this.  There is a very explicit intended audience.  While posted on a site with nearly exclusively female reader, this post is written for MEN.  Telling men what they should be doing as women really would make no sense.  The lack of referencing how women should change to accommodate these changes to masculinity is reasonable in a post TO MEN about how to change masculinity.


Jezebel actually admits that there is a real crisis of masculinity.  That while the gender stereotype of women has largely been broken, the stereotype for men remains largely in tact.  There is a very big and daunting task to redefine maleness in the 21st century to something that is more open flexible and workable in the 21st century.

She list many of the very real double standards that men face.  From personal hygiene being “girly” to Men are wallets and women are vaginas.  These are very real double standards that do need to be addressed in a very real way.  She even presents them well, not shaming men.  There are double standards, and men really are half the problem.  Saying this isn’t shaming or man hate, but speaking the truth.  Just to be clear.  Men are half the problem, the other half, Women.  Women are half the problem.

While a great start, there is one thing lacking in the post.  There is one major gripe with it.  It doesn’t address any of the BIG issues.  It doesn’t address any of the controversial issues.  It doesn’t stray out of safe talking points.  The big wins for feminism where not unshaved armpits.  More comfortable shoes was not a major victory.  Even wearing pants wasn’t that significant.  What where major victories?  The right to vote was huge.  Abortion was an Earth shaking change.  Moving into the professional work force in a major way.

If we are to really address the gender expectations of men, we really need to look at what supports these expectations of men.  Saying “No one’s value is the value of their paycheck.” does not address the real issue.  The real issue is involuntary lpsparental obligations.  Claiming that the pay check isn’t the most important aspect of a man is meaningless so long as you still support legal enforcement of financial obligations on sperm doners.  Saying “If you could please stop expecting me to naturally know or want to know how to care for a baby or apply makeup, I won’t scoff when you don’t know how to change a tire or repair a leaky faucet.”  really only has meaning if you are going to take away the “deadbeat” stigma for male homemakers.  I understand why this wasn’t included.  She would have been buried alive in hate mail had she talked about Legal Paternal Surrender or the benefits of being financially dependent on your wife.

My last thoughts on it are MGTOW.  Really Jezebel posted something that is 99% MGTOW.  Men do your own thing.  Go your own way.  Do what makes YOU feel like a man.  Do what makes YOU happy.  This is what a modern man is, so long as your not trampling the rights of others.  Really the only thing this Jezebel post is missing to be 100% in support of MGTOW is a few lines about the disproportionate risks men face in relationships.

Over all, a good post.  It really did get it right.  Now we just need to get people to start getting it all right.