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I have made many attempts to make a clear point on what agency is.  How it works, and how feminism is fighting against it.  Some have been good, some attempts have been flops.

The basics of agency are clear.  The individual has choice, and these choices have meaning.  Feminism is fighting to insure that women have choices.  Feminism is also fighting to insure that these choices are meaningless.

So how do you determine if a choice has meaning.  This is a big question.  I’ve got a good test to determine if a choice has meaning.  Like all good tests it’s simple.  For every choice simply ask “Is there a WRONG answer?”  If it is possible to choose the wrong answer, make the wrong choice, take the wrong action then that choice has meaning.

Examples.  Socks.  When you put your socks on, right foot or left foot first?  This is a choice.  There is no wrong answer.  It doesn’t matter.  This is not a choice that supports agency.

Abortion.  To have an abortion or not.  This is a choice.  There is most decidedly a wrong answer.  What is the wrong answer will vary from person to person and situation to situation.  If you want a child, abortion is very clearly the wrong answer.  If you don’t want the child and can’t support it, not aborting could very well be the wrong answer.  This is a real meaningful choice that supports agency because you can get it wrong.

Clothing.  String bikini or Business suit.  This is a choice, but is there a wrong answer?  Well according to feminists, no.  That would make this not a meaningful choice, and therefor no agency.