JB is very intelligent and well spoken.  Most of her blog posts are dead on the money.  It is rare for her to just miss the mark like she did today.

Halloween is coming up so costumes for women are getting talked about again.  JB talks about how many of the costumes are sexy slut whores.  You know there are lots of other “sexy” things women can be from doctors to video game characters.  You don’t need to choose sexy slut whore.

JB you missed the point of the feminist outrage.  Outrage that is reasonable and understandable.  It’s not a question of “sexy” this or “sexy” that.  Why is every woman’s costume “sexy”.  Where are the options that highlight an attribute of women other than their fuckability?  Where is the Samus body armor women’s costume?


That’s not “Sexy”

Women have much more to offer than just sex appeal.  Where are costumes that highlight an asset other than a woman ass?

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not blaming “Da evil MENZ”.  No one is putting guns to women’s heads to wear these costumes.  Women are choosing these costumes of their own free will.  But WHY?!?!  Is it because halloween is a good time to act silly and step a little bit out of comfort zones?  That would make these costumes very much empowering women.  Is it because women by and large are stupid and just buy what’s on the rack with out thinking?  This would mean women are rather dumb.  Is it because highlighting sexuality at social events where you hope to meet a mate is a good reproductive strategy?  Again this would be very empowering to women.

This is a choice by women for women about women.  There is no “blame” to be had.  It is a choice.  Understanding the why and how of choices is very important.  Figuring out why “sexy” is so popular as to be exclusionary is a very important choice to understand.