Feminspire, you fail at talking about suicide.  Fail horribly.  You fail at talking about suicide to such an extent that you really deserve to be called hateful sexist bigots for this failure.

There is a gender difference in suicide.  There is a HUGE gender difference in suicide. Ranging from 4 times as often to 10 times as often depending on demographics.

Femninspire, you never mentioned this once.  You talked about mental health, and substance abuse, and “oppression” but not the gender difference?  I can only assume it is because you don’t care about the suffering of men.  This is the real reason no one talks about suicide.  It’s primarily a male issue.  It is a man problem.  No one cares about men so no one cares about suicide.  Choosing to talk about every issue around suicide but men, you are feeding the problem.  You are the problem.  You are supporting misandry.  Please stop.  Do a rewrite talking about how gendered of an issue this is, and we really need to do more to help MEN that are suicidal.  We need to help MEN that have mental illness.  We need to help MEN that have drug problems.