Feminism Isn’t Working and I Give Up was just blogged.  It is a very interesting post, if only the title was true.  Most of the post is talking about how put upon she feels and how the world is against her.  I can’t even begin to fault her for venting personal frustrations on her blog.  That is precisely why I blog.  To vent frustrations about how FUBAR the world is.  She does bring up several issues that feminism is loosing ground on and are discrediting the movement.  I’ll address them here.

So Miley and her silly VMA show.  Yea, that was a nothing.  I really like Judgy Bitch’s take on the whole thing.  Miley Cyrus may have delived a brilliant satire of Slut culture.  Judgy Bitch makes the rather obvious observation that the outrage isn’t because Cyrus was actually sexing it up but, but doing a parody of slut culture.  Cyrus was making fun of the expectation that she sex it up.  So, yea feminists in a circular firing line and everyone missing the target was about right.  But hey if your movement is so misguided that feminists are shooting other feminists (metaphorically), the yea it’s time for it to die.

Next up, the anti-abortion laws.  Do you know why these laws are still being put forward?  Do you know why they are starting to pass?  Simple, it’s EQUALITY.  Many decades ago feminists argued that a woman should have bodily autonomy.  That women should be the only decision maker on what happens to and in their bodies.  You know what, I AGREE.  Women should have that power.  Now here comes the but, and it’s a huge elephant ass of a but.  BUT this power granted to women has unintended consequences.  This power granted to women decades ago creates a HUGE power imbalance in relationships.  We had the power, the technology and the ability to give women reproductive freedom, but we never extended that to men.  Men are still under the same oppressive yoke of powerlessness in reproduction that women where also under  decades ago.  In the many decades since we recognized the need for bodily autonomy of women, we have not addressed the power imbalance in relationships that correction created.  Anti-abortion is pro equality.  It is making women as unfree as men are.  If you really want to get abortion off the table and stop fighting to keep your reproductive freedom, start fighting for MY reproductive freedoms.  Start fighting for legal paternal surrender (financial abortion).  If YOU put this on the table at the state house, you can be damn sure that abortion bill will get tabled.

The next point is rape prevention.  What is a reasonable expectation of rape prevention steps for women?  There is no middle ground on this debate.  The sides seem to have polarized to all or nothing.  Either rape is the fault of the victim who didn’t do enough to protect herself from rape monsters err I mean men.  Or women are helpless objects incapable of being responsible for even the slightest precautions to prevent rape.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.  I do expect reasonable precautions to be taken.  I don’t pitty people that fail basic precautions.  We do need advocacy and education on what these basic precautions are.  The link provided was not a list of precautions, but made up number to show how terrorized women are.  If you really want to stop fighting about what responsibilities to avoid rape women have YOU need to make a list about what responsibilities women have to avoid rape.  I do not accept that women are helpless objects incapable of making choices to lessen risks.  YOU need to start talking about what these choices are.

Next up, Putting Jane Austin’s picture on money and rape threats.  So the real story their is some one made rape threats and is now in prison.  I say the system is working just fine.

Other topics she brings up are “The wage gap”.  This is actually something, but not what feminists think it is.  There is a very obvious difference in pay between men and women.  This is not different pay for the same work as feminists claim.  That has been debunked many times over.  It is different pay for different work, but why is “women’s work” worth less?  This is an issue that should be addressed.

Then gender differences, she recognizes that a penis is not the same as a vagina.  There really are differences between men and women.  That’s good, but what are these differences?  Where can we expect to see different results as an affect of these differences?  You don’t want these differences to excuse the inexcusable, so tell us what and where we can observe these differences with out it being “inexcusable”

Then there was “Rape Culture” thrown in.  I think Bar Bar does much better than I could in his video, so I’ll link that.  In short if we really had a “Rape Culture” we wouldn’t see men and women out on dates doing courtship rituals.  We would see rape gangs prowling the streets and any woman caught outside would probably be raped to death.