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Over the past few days I’ve had a very enlightening conversation with people close to me.  It has helped me find better words for what is wrong with feminism.  Feminism is the objectification of women.

Very few if any feminists can actually support with logic and facts the concepts of patriarchy and privilege.  One would think that an academic study like academic feminism would be well supported with logic and facts, but it’s not.  Many women, the feminists, just feel that there is a patriarchy.  Now I understand why.

Feminists NEED to be objects.  Shit has gone horribly wrong in their lives.  They have survived abusive relationship after abusive relationship, been raped and shat upon at work.  If they are objects, this is not their fault.  They are not people that took meaningful actions or made meaningful choices.  They are objects that are acted upon.  If they are objects all of the problems in their lives are the result of “The Patriarchy” and “Male Privilege”.

The other option is that they are the architect of their own misery.  They have chosen abusive boyfriend after abusive boyfriend.  If they are people with agency, then they bear no small part of the responsibility of their own abuse.  It was not just something that happened to them, it was something they chose.  If they where not objects acted upon by some exterior force, then choosing the abusive boyfriend really was a choice they made.  Choosing the abuse was really a choice they made.

If we look at any aspect of feminism, this is what it does.  It objectifies women.  It says that women are not people, they are objects that are acted upon.  The wage gap isn’t women making different choices than men.  It is “The Patriarchy” keeping women down.  Rape culture isn’t women putting themselves at unnecessary risks, it is denying that women have agency.  It is denying that the actions a woman takes affects her risks at all.  “Violence against women” yep, that’s asserting that women are object that are acted upon.  Unlike men, men are agents, so violence against men doesn’t need to be stopped.  It is something that they chose, even if it was a very bad choice.

I understand why so many women are feminists now.  Being the author of your own story is a very bitter pill to take when that story is one of suffering.  It is much easier to blame some one else or something else.  Furthermore, these women really don’t hate men.  They just don’t grasp how asserting the agency of male abuse victims is hateful, while denying the agency of female abusers.  Feminism isn’t about an actual comprehensive construct and understanding of reality.  It is about providing a bogyman for women to blame, and deny their agency in their own suffering.