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Paul Elam recently pen a post on AVFM, Cathy Young clutches pearls at AVFM.  This is in response to The broken dialogue on men’s rights posted on the Globe.  It even got some attention at Manboobz, but he will jump on anything that’s even lightly questionable.

Cathy Young does a great job of explaining the MRHM in a mainstream media outlet.  She is fair reasonable and direct.  She does not minimize the problems faced by men and boys.  She does not try to make it about the women.  She is advocating for men and boys much better than AVFM does.

Paul your pearl clutching over this really detracts from your position.  Stand up and take ownership of your own shit.  You want feminists to own their shit, you need to as well.  AVFM isn’t really about men and boys.  It’s about the filthy underbelly of feminism that’s damaging men and boys.  Almost every post on AVFM is very critical of feminists and sometimes women in general.  There is very little about men and boys and even less actual advocacy for men and boys.

The stated goals of AVFM isn’t to provide a moderate and compromising voice for men’s rights.  The stated goal is “Fuck Their Shit Up”.  This is whats needed.  This is how you are advancing men’s rights.  You are providing an unreasonable voice for people like Cathy to distance themselves from, but still advocate for men and boys.

Stop clutching your pearls.  Unbunch your panties.  Man up and own your shit, and there are plenty of steaming piles on AVFM.  You are walking a tight rope of identifying feminist bigotry and hate speech and spewing bigoted hate of your own.  There are plenty of missteps.  You cross the line on occasion.  Own these mistakes and move on.

Attacking people like Cathy Young does nothing to advance the MHRM, but does a lot of damage.  Your attack is turning people that support men’s rights against each other.  The readers of AVFM need to support Cathy, not attack her.  Posts like hers are what will bridge the gap between equality feminists and MRA’s.  You are the “Bond Villian” she can attack to gain credibility with the equality feminists.  The issues she addresses are why MRA’s should support her.

This is a point where we need consensus building.  With attacks on people like Cathy, your not driving a steak into the heart of feminism.  You are driving a wedge between men and women.  Stop doing that.  By all means keep attacking feminism.  Keep walking the tight rope, and I’ll forgive the missteps.  Stop driving the wedge between men and women, or your no different than the feminists.

Note:I’ve asked that feminists use just 5% or 1 in 20 posts to call out the bigotry in feminism.  It is only reasonable that I do the same.  Paul Posted some bullshit and needs to be called on it, just like many other bloggers do.  If we can’t call Bullshit when we see it, the MHRM is no different than feminism.