mgtowThere have been many posts on many blogs about MGTOW.  Most people really don’t understand this movement.  It goes against the grain of understanding that ignorant people can only assume that it’s hateful, because they really just don’t get it.  I hope to help people understand by spelling out the logic of MGTOW in short and understandable statements.

So, here are the foundational thoughts of MGTOW

Equality is good.

Women are people.

People do what is best for themselves.

The system is broken. (The institution of marriage and other forms of relationships)

Women (BECAUSE they are people) are taking advantage of the broken system.

Men can not fix the system, there is no patriarchy.

For men to achieve happiness, they must avoid the system.  Men Going Their Own Way.


I hope this is clear.  Women are not the problem.  MGTOW don’t hate women.  The institution of Marriage is the problem.  MGTOW expect women to behave like people, and currently that means behaving poorly.  This is the incentivised behavior for women.