Feminism claims to be about gender equality.  Feminists claim that they don’t hate men.  For this post I will assume that this is true.  Real feminists are loving people that want equality between the genders, not hateful bigots trying to remove masculinity from society.

There are many ways that men and women are not equal.  Some of these negatively impact women.  Some of these negatively impact men.  All of these problems need to be addressed.  There is no question that feminism and feminists are addressing the issues that negatively impact women.  Women’s rights is a phrase that we often hear.  Now what about the other side of the equality equation?  How often do we hear about the issues that negatively impact men?  If an individual is truly for equality, they by definition need to support Men’s Rights as well as Women’s Rights.

If you are a “Real” feminist, one that wants gender equality, then you must also be a MRA (Men’s Rights Activist).  If you are not advocating for BOTH women’s rights and Men’s Rights at the same time, then you are not advocating for gender equality.  You are advocating female superiority, and that is not feminism.

If you really are a “Real” feminist and really want gender equality, find a men’s rights issue to talk about.  Be a MRA and a Women’s rights advocate.  This is “real” feminism, gender equality.  If you don’t know of a men’s issue that you can talk about without hurting women’s rights, ask me in the comments.  I’ll be glad to help.