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There is a “War on Women”.  Women’s rights are under attack in many ways in many places.  Calling these attacks a War on Women isn’t that far from the truth.  The real questions are if it’s a just war and how each side should go about winning.

The War on Women has it’s roots in the problems that the MRHM has identified and been attempting to solve, namely men’s Rights.  In the Gender wars, Women won.  Gender issues became women’s issues and men where excluded from the conversation.  Women won all sorts of benefits and privileges that men never had.  Women became more powerful than men, not equal to.

These women’s Rights victories forced the very concept of men’s rights off the table.  All gender issues are now talked about in terms of women’s rights and ONLY women’s rights.  This is the cause of and the solution to the War on Women.  The War on Women isn’t fueled by hatred of Women.  It is fueled by love of men.  The War on Women isn’t misogyny, but a rejection of misandry.

The War on Women is an honest attempt to rebalance gender roles.  It is an attempt to insure that men and women are equal.  Women’s rights and ONLY women’s rights are on the table, so taking rights away from women is the only option for re balancing gender roles.  This is a loose loose proposition.  Tearing down women to be at the level of men isn’t going to make the world a better place.

There is a solution that is Win/Win.  A solution that doesn’t attack women’s rights.  A solution that will make the world a better place.  That solution is put men’s rights back on the table.  The attacks on women’s abortion will stop immediately if feminism starts pushing for “Financial Abortions” for men.  Giving men the ability to opt out, like women have with abortion, will be a much larger threat to the “Traditional” roles.

There is a “War on Women”.  It is a Just War, but it is being fought on the wrong battle field.  We can start talking about men’s rights in a meaningful way on the national stage, or we can keep stripping rights away from women.