When Men Experience Sexism

This is a very interesting article on the Atlantic.  It actually recognizes that there does exist sexism against men.  It gives several clear examples.  I got about half way through before the strawmen started and that’s a huge deal.  It didn’t strawman the issues that men face, but the MRA stance about them.

MRAs tend to deploy the arguments as evidence that men are oppressed by women and, especially, by feminists.

Nope, that’s not Mens Rights Activism at all.  He got it wrong.  What he suggests as a better way is what MRAs really talk about


Rather, men suffer because of the same gender role stereotypes that hurt and restrict women—though men, being of a different gender, fall afoul of those stereotypes in different ways.

This is the real MRA position and the same one that he takes, but is contrary to feminism.  Women are not oppressed.  Both Men and Women have restrictive gender role stereotypes.  Fighting to end the problems for women and only women will not solve the problems.

This is worth while to read.  The MRA message is getting out there.  If what it takes to get the “Real” message listened to is Paul Elams “FTSU” then this is a good thing.  It really looks like what the MRM has been lacking all these years is an unreasonable voice to contrast against the very reasonable MRA voices.