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The first Joe made this comment.  It’s so perfect that I think it deserves it’s own blog post

@Argenti – “how the causes should be addressed, particularly the parts related to why men don’t seek help.”

– ^Nice victim blaming there, jerk.
Earl was a victim, he was beaten by his ex-wife. He sought help with all the DV agencies and was turned away because he was a man.

“Yep, society should support DV shelters for everyone, but with the safety net being cut away, and um, other things that I’ll get back to, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that he received no support because it was a shelter for men. Way to ignore the economy being sucktastic.”

-No, it’s not a stretch at all. With women and men suffering DV in a 60/40 ratio according to UK Home Office stats, that there are ZERO provisions for men in Canada is so far away from being a-proportional-cutback-due-to-economy that to even suggest it is a joke.

“I have fucking had it today, to every damned white cis man trying to claim he’s got it so damned hard, try spending 5 fucking minutes looking into what women, PoC, trans* people, disabled people, or god-for-fucking-bid, what disabled trans* WoC face. ”

– Ah, the Oppression Olympics argument.
Or – ignore-the-menz, because Everybody Else Before Men.
No. Fuck that. You’ve got the huge juggernaut of Feminism as a vehicle for all those problems.
Don’t ask men to fix them. That was patriarchy, when men were supposed to look after everyone else. That’s OVER now. Didn’t you get the memo? Because we did.

“Seriously guys, you have it so fucking easy that apparently the slightest infringement on your status of assumed power is the WORST THING EVAAARRR. I mean fuck, genderneutrallanguage here either wants men to be allowed to abandon the results of impregnanting someone, or thinks us not wanting that is somehow sexist against men. Because it’s totally the WORST THING EVAARRRR for cis men to have to actually be responsible for their refusal to use condoms.”

– Nice one trying to change the subject there. Not.

“Can you tell that I’m fucking livid? I have goddamned had it with people claiming that losing the tiniest iota of privilege makes them oppressed.”

– Why should I care that you’re livid? So what?

Yes, clearly Earl was soooooooo fuckin’ priveleged.
Being beaten by his wife must’ve been SUCH a privelege.
Being told he wasn’t a victim, because: man.
Being refused help by society, both for himself and his efforts to help others. Privelege.
Despairing at the collapse of his efforts and killing himself. Soooooo fuckin’ priveleged.
He should’ve just pulled out his Magic Man Privelege Card and alll his problems would have vanished. Amiright?
^That was sarcasm, by the way.

Seriously, fuck off with that “privelege” bullshit. Man gets beaten. Does the right things: asks for help, tries to create that help himself when refused (due to his gender), and is then crushed by a society indifferent to men’s suffering to the point he kills himself*
Don’t even start with that horseshit.

(*like many, many other men, four times as many as women).



The oppression Olympics.  So perfect, I need to remember that.