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VAWAIt is very questionable if VAWA is worthy of support.  Sexism and gender discrimination are wrong regardless of who is sexist or which gender is being discriminated against.  A law to stop violence against women (and only women)  is sexism and gender discrimination.  Earlier versions of VAWA where very sexist and discriminatory.  It did as the name implies, ended violence against WOMEN.  It provided resources and training to protect women from men.  It did nothing to protect men.

Regardless of how rare you believe domestic violence against men is, it is irrefutable above 0.  To not provide assistance to these people in need on the basis of gender is sexism and gender discrimination.  It is wrong.


New provisions are in the 2013 version.  New provisions that may rectify this.  While the name may be the same, the bill now has gender neutral language and a very strongly worded nondiscrimination clause.  If properly acted upon, these changes will make it an “End Violence Against People Act”.  VAPA? This is a very positive change that I’m just now learning about.

As of now, I’m officially changing my position on VAWA.  I no longer consider it legally enforceable misandry, sexism, homophobia and bigotry.  I now say wait and see how it’s enforced with this new nondiscrimination clause.  Words and actions are very different.  The words are now there for this to be a good bill.  I will wait and see if action follows the words.