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Male Privilege is one of the feminist constructs that poisons the language, much like patriarchy.  It is a malformed idea that has little to no merit.  Lets start with definitions.  Merriam-Webster defines privilege as

to accord a higher value or superior position to

tumblr_mio633RDh81rc29i6o1_1280According to this definition are males privileged?  That’s debatable.  Men are accorded higher value in the work place.  Males have superior positions in government.  I say no.  Men are not privileged.  Women have higher reproductive values.  Women are accorded higher value in the home and have superior positions in social circles.  Women have value as human BEings.  Men only have value as human DOings.  In the grand scheme of things men are not valued more than women.

According to Wikipedia  the definition of male privilege is

Male privilege refers to the social theory that men have unearned social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are granted to them solely on the basis of their sex, and which are usually denied to women. A man’s access to these benefits may also depend on other characteristics such as race, sexual orientation and social class.

So does “Male Privilege” exist, does “White Male Privilege”?  That question boils down to another.  How do you define “unearned”?  The real question is do men have benefits for being men that they shouldn’t?  Do Whites have rights and benefits that they shouldn’t?  Does being white and/or male grant unearned benefits?

Again, this is best answered with another question.  Where do we set the bar?  Men are not judged for being men.  Women are looked down upon for being women in many situations.  Where do we set the bar?  Do we set the bar at women?  Are males privileged because they are not looked down upon for being male?  I think this is a ridiculous place to set the bar.

Men do not have unfair advantages.  Everyone should be treated like White Men.  White Men are not privileged, White men are par.  This is where the bar should be set.  The bar should be set where you are not judged on your sex, gender, orientation, skin color or shoe size.  This is how White Men are treated.  This is how everyone should be treated.  White Men are not privileged, white men are par.

To say that White Men are privileged is to set the bar at women and minorities.  This is just a bad place to set the bar.  No one should be discriminated against.  Saying that White Men are privileged is saying everyone should be discriminated against.  While equality, it is not an equality that I want.