There is a lot of talk about equality in the “STEM” fields of study.  Men dominate these high demand, high paying very rigorous courses of study.  There is talk of quotas and affirmative actions to get more women into these fields.  Parity, not equality is the goal.

For that I say, sure, one one condition.  “STEM” fields are not the only ones that are very gendered.  “HAM” Humanities Arts and Medicine are also very gendered.  Women are 2/3 of college students.  Women are closer to 3/4 of the HAM students.  If parity is the goal lets get parity in all fields of study.  Lets limit male participation in Computer science to the level of female interest.  Lets also limit female participation in “Women’s Studies” to the level of male interest.

Equality is equality.  Parity is parity.  If either is important, it needs to be important for both male dominated and female dominated fields of study.