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I’ve seen many posts lamenting the connection feminism has to “man hating lesbians”  The word “Feminism” has become very tainted.  I think I did a good job of explaining my thoughts on WHY this is with “Sharing the Stage”  With a sound concept of why “Feminism” is now often considered a bad word, It is also good to promote ways to fix it.

My real advice is don’t try.  Abandon the label “Feminist” and argue for egalitarianism or humanitarianism.  I don’t think it’s worth the time or effort needed to undo the damage that has been done.  This is just an opinion, I’ve weighed evidence and come to a conclusion.  That the word “Feminism” is not worth fighting for is just my opinion, and others clearly have different opinions.  An emotional attachment to “Feminism” is a real consideration that I don’t consider.  This could validly change your opinion.

Reclaiming the word “Feminism” and the label “Feminist” is possible, but it will take work.  Real work.  You will have to fight.  You will be attacked by the people you are attacking.  To reclaim “Feminism” the “Real” feminists, the equality feminist, the vast majority of feminists need to kick the radicals off the stage of feminism.  It took 30 years of inclusion to get the word “Feminism” to where it is now.  It won’t be fixed over night.  A well written post on what “Real” feminism is won’t do the job.  You can’t just advocate for moderation.  You need to kick the bigots off the stage.

I understand that there are lots of issues to be addressed.  Every one has topics that are of personal concern to you.  Kicking the bigots off the stage of Feminism can’t be the main focus of Feminism.  It does need some focus.  5% is a good amount of focus.  This will take work.  This is my advice for reclaiming the word “Feminism” and the label “Feminist”.  When ever you log in to write a post, look at the last 20 posts tagged “Feminism”.  If there isn’t one clearly saying “This is not a feminist, even though they claim to be”, write one.  Keep one post in the most recent 20 rejecting people’s use of the label “Feminist”  This is how you kick people off the stage.

You do need to use strong language.  “I disagree with” is not strong enough.  “Valarie Solanias is not a feminist” is.  “I reject her claim to be feminist” is.  “She is a bad person” is not.  To reclaim the word “Feminism” and the label “Feminist”, there needs to be a disassociation between bad people and Feminism, not a labeling of Feminists as bad.

Who you exclude is every bit as important as who you include.  Start excluding.  The pro-active exclusion of bigots is how you can reclaim the word “Feminism” and the label “Feminist”, not lamenting the connection to these bigots.  One post in twenty, 5% of the posts, this is not asking to much.  This is not an unreasonable burden to bear if you really want to reclaim the word “Feminism”