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This is one of the real big issues that feminism does not seem able to really come up with words to address.  It is an issue.  I’ve seen many attempts to address it.  Is feminism for equality or sameness.  Are men and women the same except for slightly different plumbing?  Are men and women very different types of people?

Feminism keeps saying “equality” but fighting for “sameness”.  Is there something wrong with most engineers being men?  Are men and women the same?  Is this one of the differences?  Is the goal that men and women have the same OPPORTUNITY to be engineers?  How do we measure and test opportunity to see if we have it?

How about school teachers.  20% of engineers are women, but only about 5% of school teachers are men.  If we should be fighting for sameness and gender parity then fixing gender parity in schools should be a much higher priority than engineers.  Children are growing up seeing a gender segregated work place, the school.  If parity is important, this is the most important parity to achieve.

If men and women are not the same, how do we argue equal but different?  “Separate but Equal” really didn’t work in race relations.  Apartheid was a horrible system.

If men and women are the same, why is the focus on “Male dominated spaces” like engineering and Tech?  Why is it not on schools and teaching children through example and experience about operating in an environment with gender parity.