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I’ve had a good conversation with someone in the comments of their blog.  It really helped me get my thoughts in order so that I could express myself better.  It was about the image issues that are plaguing feminism.  Why the word feminism has come to be associated with man hatting lesbians, and not equality.  It about inclusion and sharing a stage.

Both MLK and Malcolm X where activists for blacks during the Civil Rights movement.  MLK was intelligent driven thoughtful and kind.  He did not lead an all inclusive movement of everyone and everyone that claimed “colored” label.  He lead a non-violent movement that explicitly exuded violence hate and bigotry.  MLK used politically correct, clear and non-offensive language to make his points.  In short MLK was a modern hero of what a leader should look like.

Malcolm X was very different.  He was truly extreme.  “Black Power” and “Kill Whitey”.  Both in words and actions Malcolm X was a racist bigot.  He constructed language and ideas that where not appealing to the masses, but would inflame and incite the dedicated.  Malcolm X was a soldier in a war, making propaganda against the enemy.  He could not have been more different than MLK, even though both where fighting for the rights of blacks.

This is very much the position that feminists find themselves in today.  Most feminists, the overwhelming majority of feminists are much more like MLK than Malcolm X.  Most feminists want equality, not female superiority.  Most feminists want equality, not the subjugation or eradication of men.  Most feminists really are good people.  However, there are others.  There do exist feminists that are truly repugnant people.  Hate filled sexists and bigots that advocate truly horrible things.  The most easily identified is the SCUM manifesto.  This “feminist” work calls for murdering 90% of all men, and keeping the other 10% as sex slaves.  There are many examples, recent examples, from one feminist wishing that she could just throw the male toddlers out of a 6th story window (with out opening it first) to refinements on the SCUM manifesto.

This is where sharing the stage comes in.  MLK did not share a stage with Malcolm X.  MLK did not adopt the language of Malcolm X.  MLK did not believe in Malcolm X.  They where two very different people leading two very different movements.  Now stop and think about this for a moment.  Do a what if.  What if MLK HAD embraced Malcolm X as a peer in civil rights advocacy.  What if MLK HAD adopted the language and constructs of Malcolm X?

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration of Black Power in the history of our nation.

Five score years ago, a Whitey, whose symbolic shadow lords over us today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

I know I don’t find that inspiring or thoughtful.  It’s bigotry, but that is what MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech would have looked like using the language of Malcolm X.  Had MLK shared the stage with Malcolm X, and used his language, the message would be lost.  The leadership of MLK would have been overshadowed and ignored to prevent the spread of Malcolm X’s hatred and bigotry.

This is where feminism is today.  Feminism is all inclusive of “women”, even hate filled bigots spreading filth and lies.  The good people that label themselves feminists are sharing the stage and using the language of Malcolm X.  They are good people, but the message is lost sharing the stage and using the language of bigots.  The stage of feminism is lost to the bigots.  If you are not a bigot, move on.  Find another stage.  Disassociate with the bigots.  Your message really is important, but it won’t be heard over the bigots and will be lost in the hatred of their words.

If you don’t believe me, I have a challenge for you.  Your message is important.  Write it down, but don’t call upon the authority of “Feminism” to make your case.  Don’t use any of the constructs of feminism to make your case.  Make your case using your words, your thoughts and your ideas.  If you can make the case without invoking “Patriarchy” or “Rape Culture” or “Oppression of women” or “Violence against Women” or any of the other feminist constructs, I bet that it will be a much more convincing argument.