There where apparently some things that I was not properly clear on, or did not fully explore in my first post on Rape Culture.  I’m correcting that.

Rape Culture is a description of what is.  It is not a tool to predict outcomes.  It does not have any predictive qualities.  As a description or explanation of what is, it is mostly accurate.  The aspects of society that contribute to Rape Culture are real, but they are immutable.  We may be able to reduce some of the aspects, but that won’t fix the problem.  We will just identify more and more trivial or minute aspects of society that are Rape Culture.

The very idea of Rape Culture has no value.  It is a descriptor, not a predictor.  It has no value in the ability to predict outcomes.  As a description or explanation, it’s unfalsifiable.  It is always true, regardless of any progress we make.  As an explanation of what is, it is far to vague and abstract to have value.

The idea of Rape Culture does do harm.  When confronted with this idea, good men, real men, want to help.  Given that it’s impossible to have interactions with women that are not supporting rape culture, the best thing these men can do is leave.  When presented with the idea of Rape Culture the scum bags and rapists will see an opportunity to take down some weak prey.  The idea of Rape Culture encourages the bad people to behave badly, and encourages the good people to not be where they can actually help.

Does this mean do nothing?  Ignore bad behaviors?  Encourage hostility? [Insert random unsupported insult]? NO.  Saying that pushing the idea of Rape Culture is a bad idea is far from saying do nothing.

Rape IS NOT the one and only evil in the world.  There are lots of evils in the world from theft to murder.  Rape to isolation.  Rape is only one problem.  Trying to deal with rape and only rape, you miss the bigger picture.  The real underlying problem behind “Rape Culture”, Murder, theft, violence, destruction and almost every other evil in the world is an artificial hierarchy of human value.  Identifying and dismantling this hierarchy of human value will do more to end rape than proselytizing the horrors of “Rape Culture” could ever hope to do.  It will also reduce murder theft assaults and other crimes in the process.

Now we need to do two things, identify the hierarchy, and dismantle them.  Starting with what we have now and moving backwards in time to find a start is a good way to do both.  Men world wide compete in dominance hierarchies, fighting to be top dog.  These male dominance hierarchies are what is creating the hierarchy of human value.  These hierarchies both discard the losers as worthless human refuse and treat women as prizes to be won.  It’s bad for both men and women.

Where did these dominance hierarchies come from?  Well, the very beginning predating even humanity as we know it.  20,000 years ago the world was a much harsher place.  Our ancestors where nothing more than one more animal in the forests.  Women, having the huge costs and liabilities of child bearing, needed men to take care of them.  Women needed men to risk life and limb bringing food and provisions home.  Pregnancy was to large a burden to allow women to do this for themselves.  This dynamic allowed for the best chance that the offspring of both man and woman would survive.

It was WOMEN that established the male dominance hierarchies so that they would have a good way of determining who would be the best mate.  Who would be the best provider, and bring home the food that was needed to survive.  At the time, this was best for men and women.  It was best for the species as a whole.  It is no longer 20,000 years ago.  Times have changed.  These dominance hierarchies are bad for both men and women.

Women create the dominance hierarchies.  Women support dominance hierarchies.  Men only compete in them.  If we are to change society it’s women, not men, that need to change first.  Women need to start selecting mates based on different criteria.  Choosing men that win at dominance hierarchies supports dominance hierarchies.  Condemning the affects of dominance hierarchies like “Rape Culture” while still picking the winners and supporting dominance hierarchies is double-speak at it’s finest.

If we are going to change society for the better we need to end the male dominance hierarchies, not focus on the affects.